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Bon Jovi Telstra PreSales Meltdown – Australian Tour

It’s a meltdown of incompetence. Bon Jovi pre-sales went on sale today via Telstra and Bang Tango, the new player to rival Ticketek. Guess what, it is an epic fail. It’s as bad as John Carter. This is what happens when greed comes into the picture. The fans get treated like dirt.

Jon Bon Jovi is safe and tucked away in his ivory tower, certain that he will be getting his guaranteed fee for touring Australia. How the tickets are sold to his fans, doesn’t concern him at the least. So if you are a fan of Bon Jovi and you want to get tickets and if you paid monies to be a Backstage JBJ member, you had first dibs. Then Showbiz was next, selling VIP packages from a thousand plus bucks. Now it is Telstra’s turn to sell the next lot of pre sales. What a disaster? Facebook and Twitter is melting down with anger. Check out the comments below from Facebook.

· Typical Telstra and their fantastic service

· Keeps saying bad request – how funny! The biggest communications company in Australia and they can’t even get that right! Ha ha ha!

· Typical Telstra lets u down

· Well done Telstra, and Bang tango, web site crash 2 min in!!!

· Thanks Telstra you’re a freakin joke! You got everyone to register and can’t get the server to handle the traffic… You’re a joke. Absolute disgrace. I call for a waving of the proposed $15 fee for using your service. Thanks Telstra for wasting my time.

· Would love to get my tickets but the site has majorly crashed and apparently something has gone majorly wrong. Good on you Telstra. Artist should always stick with ticketek

· absolute joke bang tango…..could of told us we’d need an account with you before the morning. Thought I’d only need my Telstra stuff…no wonder it’s not coping. been waiting since I got on at 9am this morning.

· only getting a white screen via Telstra/Bang tango – frustrating

· Bon Jovi PLEASE take notice of these comments and allow us all to be able to buy tickets from a reliable ticket provider. ticketek in Australia is probably the best and although it is hard to get onto for peak ticket sales it doesn’t usually crash as it restricts the amount of people that can log in at once to avoid the site crashing. that would be a whole lot better than the site we have to get tickets from that crashed and still won’t load over 1.5 hours later

· I was on before the sale went on watched the countdown.. expected the buy button to load… and nothing. Beyond a joke. Had to reload and nothing now. Sometimes I get the page … then can’t do anything. Silly presale. Did they not realise the overload.

· Telstra you SUCK! The servers crashed and no one can get on

· I’ve got a code… 1 laptop 1 iPad and 1 iPhone and it says ” we are signing you up” please wait… Yep been waiting 18 mins already

· Telstra you are a joke how can you expect to compete for our business when you can’t even handle a large amount of people logging into the system.

· Sorry JBJ, poor choice pairing with Telstra Bang Tango. Massive pre-sale fail when you get your code early, but can’t register with the site til the sale starts; then server crashes.

· Why on earth run a pre-sale if your website can’t cope with the number of people who will be trying to purchase tickets!! This is crazy, an absolute joke and disappointment. I can’t get to the ticketing part and that’s it. Telstra… Will you be giving freebies away to all is fans who relied on your pre-sale and haven’t succeeded??

· You would think they could do each state on different days so at least all of Aus isn’t trying to get on at the same time!

· Extremely disappointed and annoyed! Pre-sale Telstra tickets for valued Telstra customers??? I’m not feeling valued at all after taking the morning off work to purchase 2 great tickets for the Adelaide concert and not being able to even log onto the page. Waited so long for you guys to come back to Adelaide too. Very disappointed

· TYPICAL TELSTRA! Couldn’t organise a thing! Site in meltdown since 9.00am! So annoyed!

· No use promoting this pre-sales. Thousands of people in Australia have not been able to access. Been trying for last hour when the pre-sale opened. Nothing. All from our biggest IT Internet provider in the country

· BANG TANGO and TELSTRA You SUCK!!! I don’t even know why I bothered. ALWAYS stick to the trustworthy companies like TICKETEK! Telstra can’t even handle phone and Internet. Should of known they wouldn’t be able to handle something big like this! SEE YOU MONDAY TICKETEK!

· Technology is a joke! Back to the old line up days I say ; )

· Maybe each state should have had a different day or time to log in!

· This is a joke. Surely you would be aware that Bon Jovi has a HUGE fan base here in Aus, and you would have been prepared for a massive amount of activity on your website. To be promoted by a telecommunications company and STILL not be able to handle the volume is shameful. SHAME TELSTRA, SHAME!!!!

· ok, so here’s the thing. I don’t know why I’m bothering. Etihad SUX, Telstra SUX, Bang Tango SUX, prices SUCK, no seating plan SUX, extra charges SUCK!!!

· typical internet ticketing site crash. Should go back to the old school over the counter style.

· I HATE YOU TICKET SITE, my daughter is late for school, my soon has missed his swimming lesson, I am about to have a heart failure and I’ve just thrown my phone at the wall. All for nothing. Why isn’t it loading, I hit the button on for different computers/phone at 9 am on the dot. I deserve these tickets!!! As do everyone else…

· And Bon Jovi you should tell your marketing mob to do more research next time and not partner with the likes of Telstra in future.

· Bang tango website sux

· yeah Telstra a great way of saying thanks by charging an extra $15 per ticket booking fee NO THANKS!!

· STUPID website crashed as soon as ticket sale opened!!!!!!!

· 13 mins trying on pc and phone, won’t even open the page!

· This is pathetic ….. Been trying to log on for over 20 minutes – why was Telstra not prepared for this ???? So annoying

· Seriously Telstra I re arranged my whole morning to get tickets. Not happy

· better off standing in line, at least then when you get frustrated you can punch some wanker in the head!!!

· The only ethical thing they can do is cancel the pre-sale until tomorrow.

· … tried both mobile and computer, nothing. If your site can’t handle heavy traffic, don’t advertise lies! We got left in the rain with nothing! Been trying to refresh browser and on mobile phone to bang tango for half an hr. now! That’s very bad PR!

· there was no problems when it was done with VISA presale through ticketek 4 years ago. why change. U SUX Telstra/Bang tango!

· So heart broken, my girlfriend is a die-hard fan I MEAN HUUUGE FAN she runs a small business & has 2 kids all I wanted was to surprise her, she works so hard & Telstra’s fail means I can’t do something simple like jump online to buy a ticket, even their instructions were pathetic. so disappointed

· I’ve now got the bang tango page to load but it still won’t let you get into the ticket section

· They should provide discount tickets due to the shocking delays!

· Good luck to everyone, I hope your able to secure tickets. The VIP backstage tickets sold out super-fast too. rumour has it Telstra website has the mapping .

· Still no seating plan available. I’d like to know what my money gets me.

· Terrible and didn’t load, jumped on to Bon jovi backstage and got great seats in no time!

· This ain’t no Bed of Roses grrrrrrr!!!

· Any official word on what they are going to do? Surely they can stop, fix and give us a new time – they can’t expect us to sit here and wait

· This is the biggest failure I have ever seen Bon Jovi Just leave it up to the professionals Ticketek in future

· Still having problems, had 3 devices going (phone, iPad, lap top) 10 mins prior to sale, and none could connect… Bang tango was a blank screen the whole time!

· Yup still crashed bang tango is saying on fb they r trying to fix it, it’s almost 10 here in brissy and I’ve been on since it started at 9 not loading

· You shouldn’t have to pay to join the fab club and purchase tickets!! Especially when they r the price they r!!

· Bang tango site fail, not impressed

· Bang tango I hate you!!!! I might just cry! It’s crashed!!!?

· just got 2 tickets thru bj backstage, but u need to be a member ($60) and get charged a conversion fee of $16 each ticket, and can only get 2 tickets. I got Sydney section 110-1, not great but OK. I hope you all get tickets soon guys. SEE YOU THERE

Even though I had my code, I didn’t even attempt to go on and purchase tickets. I understand the frustrations fans are feeling at this point in time. This is where Jon Bon Jovi should be stepping up and offering a solution. All of the above posts are from Bon Jovi’s Facebook page, without a single comment from Bon Jovi or the Facebook admin. It’s ridiculous.

Also here are the prices. Cheap tickets is what the media outlets report. I say yeah right. There is nothing cheap about this Bon Jovi experience. It’s a farce. The media doesn’t report with any integrity anymore. The cheapest tickets are $35 from Ticketek and $32 from Telstra Pre Sales, to sit on top of the stadium roof, with your view hindered. Then they have a limit of two Bronze tickets, so if you want to take a family of 4 or 5 you are stuck. Nice one.

Brisbane / Sydney*
Gold Reserve $155.00
Silver Reserve $99.00
Bronze Reserve $35.00
Platinum Reserve $199.00
Diamond Reserve $250.00
GA Standing – Rear Field $125.00 (Sydney Only)

Gold Reserve $199.00
Silver Reserve $129.00
Bronze Reserve $35.00
Platinum Reserve $249.00
Diamond Reserve $299.00

Ticket limit: Bronze Reserved limited to 2 per transaction
*A one-off service/delivery fee from $5.85 per transaction applies. A credit/debit card processing fee from 1.95% will apply. Ticket orders are subject to credit/debit card approval and customer account verification.

Music, Stupidity, Treating Fans Like Shit

One Less Reason Treat Fans Like Shit Continues on…

I thought I would do a follow-up to how One Less Reason treat their fans.  Verdict; SHIT.

Here are some recent comments taken from their Facebook page after my original post.

Ordered your CD from your website a while ago and still have yet to receive it, what does it take to get your cd? several attempts to contact you and no response yet.
I scroll thru others posts and see a lot of the same situations, you guys make great music, but if you really want to make it, you need to treat your fans better than this, you aren’t shy about taking the money.

Artists today have a lot more competition from other artists, all striving for the same thing, people’s attention.  This band One Less Reason or OLR as they like to call themselves, clearly have one thing going for them, they create music that finds a connection with people.  So these people become fans and spend money on the band.  Or course the CD is almost obsolete, and if the band doesn’t have any CD’s to ship, they should take them off their website store as selling items.  Its fraud.

I’m glad you made it this far guys without these frauds called labels, you deserve it, a great band, great music!

A happy fan.  I wonder who the frauds are when there is no label involved.  I will admit, i heard their songs and i am impressed.  However, the way they are treating their fans, is leaving a bad taste.

Blueprints for Writhing just arriveeeeeeeeeeeed!!

Another happy fan.  From the length of arriveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed, it looks like they waited a long time.  At least the band can say they are posting some out.

Do you think it’s normal to buy an album on 11/15/2012 and still waiting for receiving it ?  I live in France, 4 months passed by ! I CAN’T believe it ! Tell me what’s wrong !?

Sorry buddy, you live too far, and if OLR get back to you, they will say they shipped it, however France’s postal service loses heaps of packages and that they will re-ship again and will then ignore your emails.

Just bought 3 of your cds from Itunes! Awesome!

Smart way to deal with the band, deal with iTunes.  You know you will get what you paid for from them.

Big fan!!! Just started listening to your music last year. I found it on on xboxlive and have loved your music ever since. “A Day To Be Alone” is my favorite song. I have looked in stores for your CDs but had no luck. How can I purchase one of your CDs??

Use iTunes if you want to receive it. 

When do the pre ordered CDs ship?

According to the band, they have shipped (remember that the album came out in August last year) and the postal service has lost them all, so the band will re-ship as a good will gesture, but never do.

Hi My husband ordered all of your CD’s back on the 28 Dec 2012. I sent you a message as well with all the details of the order. I have read all the comments about the band not posting CD’s and taking the money, about the passing of a loved one, about its the USPS’s fault and to CD’s just arriving late. Whatever the reasons and explanations (good song title by the way) are, 2 months waiting is not good business. In addition my husband has sent three messages via the contact us page on your website, plus three email replies to the confirmation order email address and one post via Twitter.   

Should have used iTunes.  $50 wasted for nothing.

Final verdict, One Less Reason are still treating fans like shit.  They even fail to address the issue of the CD’s not being posted, instead focusing on lies and ignorance.  For a band that has done it all on their own, you would think they would have a better focus on band to fan relationships as that is what has sustained them these last 10 years or so.

However, it will come to a head eventually.  I am sure some promoter is just around the corner waiting to rip them off as well.


Music, Stupidity, Treating Fans Like Shit

Stone Festival – Sydney Australia – What A Disaster?

What a disaster?  It’s 10.52pm.  The rain is pelting down and wind is swirling at 90km.  Fans have left their homes from other states in Australia and their purchased tickets have not arrived.

Message posted on the Stone Music Festival Facebook page;

Anyone from Stone Music Festival going to answer my email regarding my $300.00 ticket not arriving to my address? I’m flying to Sydney at 6:00am with no ticket!

The festival is flawed.  They have two different line ups over two different days.  That is the first fault.  They are doing the show towards the end of April, which in Australia is a crazy month for winds and storms.  So what do the promoters do, they do an outdoor gig.  Van Halen is meant to carry day 1 and Billy Joel is meant to carry day 2.  Both artists are not strong enough these days, to carry a festival on their own.  The supporting bands under them are not worth a mention.  Well that was until Aerosmith got added to the Van Halen show.

Van Halen are getting $3 million for the one concert. I like Van Halen and the Van Hager era, but $3 million for one show.  Are they really worth it these days?  Judging by the dismal ticket sales for the festival, i guess not.  How would you feel?  You purchased pre-sale platinum tickets for $330, plus holding fee of $20, plus delivery.  All up a $365 purchase.  7 days ago, the same tickets where on sale for half the price on Living Social.  

Aerosmith was added to the bill at the last-minute as their outdoor Sydney show wasn’t selling.  Seriously, did they think 40,000 people would pay to watch them.  Especially after the abysmal Music From Another Dimension album.  What was the promoter thinking?  Book them into the Allphones Arena, where Kiss and Motley played (and even that show didn’t sell out).  What a shame to the bands that were told that they are playing the Aerosmith show, only to be told they are not playing it.

Fans vented their anger on Facebook at this.

Gutted. Have plane tickets to Sydney for nothing. Good on ya Aerosmith, hope you get the $$ you are chasing, never mind your fans.

We paid for Gold tickets, return airfares Perth-Sydney and accommodation. Cost us a fortune. Fuming!

Really Aerosmith, some people have parties that weekend and cannot just change plans to suit you… it’s so not fair big timed annoyed!

Bloody sooks! Lost all respect for them now. Can’t go to Stone Fest and was looking forward to seeing Wolfmother too….And to top it all off, when we were suppose to see them on the 28th, they are now playing 2 gigs in Melbourne! So disappointed :o(.

Maybe that is why Lifehouse pulled out.  Stupid organising.  At least Van Halen is getting $3 million, regardless of ticket sales.  One thing is clear, the fans have been treated like shit.  Would the bands care?  I don’t think so.  They are so far detached from the fan level and surrounded by their enablers who tell them they can sell out 40,000 to 80,000 seated stadiums.  



One Less Reason Treat Fans Like Shit

The below is from the Facebook page of One Less Reason.

Fan 1;

“Hi guys, I bought your new CD on 11/15/12 and we are 01/25/13 and I’m still waiting for it…. There’s a problem with the shipment? I’m starting to find it strange…”

Your fans are meant to spread the word about you, to gather others to the cause.  Your fans are not meant to wait 9 weeks for a CD. 

Fan 2;

How many more posts will it take from fans who did not get the cd and t-shirts they ordered before the band will respond? Or how many more of these posts until the fans stop ordering off their website?

Fan 3:

I would like to know what happened to my CD that I ordered????? Sent emails to your site and msg’s on here and no response whatsoever. Not impressed at all, especially since your band is my favourite! I ordered it in early November…………………………………..?

Fans do not deserve to be doing the above.  They do not deserve to be questioning their heroes.  They are not your haters, they are you likers, they want to spread your name, they probably already have.  Respond to them, let them know that they are important, that they mean something to your band.  But the band ignores them. 

Fan 4:

How long should we wait to get the album – no answers from the band till three months…what a great band?

Fan 5:

Hey! I’m still waiting for the pre-ordered album. Sincerely, try number 6 to contact you guys.

Fan 6:

I ordered Blueprints for Writhing back on the 9th November and it still hasn’t arrived. I have sent numerous emails to the bands website and still have not got a reply. I am trying hard to help support a great band, but this is really frustrating. If anyone from the band is reading this and can help me out please email me at

Again, why have a Contact Us page on your web if you are not going to monitor it and respond to it.  I had an issue with Coheed and Cambria’s deluxe order of the Afterman.  Basically, Customs in Australia opened it and damaged it.  I emailed the band, I got a response within the hour and after another email back to them, a new Deluxe package was shipped out to me. 

Fan 7:

Can someone answer me why i have not gotten my cd?? Just a reasonably simple answer or clue to why i have not would be great!!!!!!!!!!!

Fan 8:

Wish they would have enough respect for fans to at least answer

Why are they torturing their fans?  Just reading all of these posts makes me angry.

Fan 9:

I haven’t recieved my pre ordered cd yet, and has been over 5 months already. I am a big fan of you guys, but this is already frustrating. At least an answer back on whats happening. Thanks !

Any musician or band these days, needs to be available.  They have to allow their fans to reach them.  There are heaps more posts on there, and the band just keep ignoring meanwhile they post up items like shopping at Walmart and what songs their listening too?   The person above is a fan.  But they are not getting no love back from the band. 

Fan 10:

Read the posts under the Walmart posting on this page. You are not alone. And odds are not good that you will ever hear a response or receive your cd. Every couple months they will promise to reship the cds, but nothing ever comes.

Fan 11:

Well, they are unhappy about Walmart’s service according to their latest status but they don’t care about the service they should be providing to their own fans who have supported them!!!!! I am still waiting as well with no response from them!

That is one thing that pisses my off.  They are still posting messages about Walmart experiences and are ignoring all the posts from the fans about CD’s they haven’t received.   Shit like this gets under my skin big time. 

Fan 12:

In my case, there have been 8 follow ups and not a single response back.  18 weeks worth of waiting.

Is this how fans should be treated?  In this day and age when so many bands are forming connections with their fans, the memo seems to have been missed by One Less Reason.  

Reasons and Explanations have been given by the band.  US Postal Service has been blamed, but never themselves.  Talk about a con job. 

So the question is why?  They keep on pushing their song Uneasy, so they are marketing themselves and are gaining new likes and more YouTube views.  BUT in all of this they are ignoring the fans that have outlaid money.  The rules of the game are simple. 

A person pays for a product they expect to receive the product.  In my case and in a lot of other cases involving fans, this seems not to be happening.

Lesson Number 1; Don’t piss off your fans?  They are the ones that support you. 

Lesson Number 2; If you offer something for sale, you need to deliver.  Taking the money and not delivering is fraudulent.

Lesson Number 3; Take lessons from bands like Coheed and Cambria and Protest The Hero on how to treat fans and what to offer fans. 

Lesson Number 4; Once your brand suffers damage, it is hard to re vitalise it.

The funny thing is I came across this band by accident.  It was Faces and Four Letter Words and the track The Distance that did it.  Then I came across All Beauty Fades from the new album A Blueprint For Writhing.  Both great songs that made me want to delve deeper into their music.  Since then I have found a lot of other great songs like Blueprints, A Day To Be Alone, Ghost and Better Days.

Regardless of what cool music they make, I feel that I have been ripped off.  I feel like I have been taken for a fool.  They have lost me as a fan.