Dave Mustaine again

I appreciate the fact that Dave Mustaine/Megadeth took a stance on the whole Soundwaves/Sidewaves shenanigans. Of course fans will be disappointed and it is unfortunate that the fans are the ones that suffer due to a dispute between two corporate entities. Make no mistake about it people, Megadeth and Soundwaves are pure corporations and their aim is to make money. And the fans/customers that built up these corporations are just collateral damage.

So who is to blame for the current Soundwave Debacle?

AJ Maddah is well known to twist the truth and then exaggerate this twisted truth to suit his needs. The recent Sevendust debacle comes to mind. Dave Mustaine on the other hand has always shown his heart in public and for better or for worse it either gets him in trouble, gets him respect or gets him trashed in the comments section.

So what do we know;

Soundwaves and AJ Maddah announced Megadeth Sidewaves with Volbeat and Newsted.

The Soundwave festival then stated that Megadeth had requested that Newsted not support them on the Sidewave gigs. White Chapel replaced Newsted on the bill and the internet was fuelled with speculation that Megadeth was responsible for booting Newsted off the Sidewaves shows.

This prompted Megadeth’s tour manager to state that Megadeth didn’t have nothing to do with booting Newsted. However his comments didn’t really help Megadeth. In the end, the tour managers comments inflamed the situation even more;

“Megadeth did not have anything to do with having Jason Newsted removed from the line-up on Megadeth’s upcoming Australian tour. Dave Mustaine is not responsible for booting Newsted off [the Soundwave festival]. Dave did not put him on the bill and did not take him off the bill. Dave submitted a list of bands he was comfortable with and the promoter ignored the list. Dave and Jason are friends [and] this has blown up into something silly.”

The music sites and blogs took the “Dave submitted a list of bands he was comfortable with” and ran with the story, adding further fuel that Megadeth did in fact boot Newsted.

Dave Mustaine then took to the bands Facebook to announce that Megadeth is cancelling their Australian dates.

A few hours later, Dave Mustaine was on Facebook again, stating that all he wanted was an apology for being blamed for something he didn’t do and that his bags are still packed.

AJ Maddah responded in his usual way. AJ Maddah is never wrong, he is so great and so perfect and how dare Dave Mustaine ask him to lie like that and apologise for something that he didn’t do. In the end he did apologise and he asked Dave Mustaine via Twitter, if are the shows are back on. Megadeth or Dave Mustaine have not responded to that.

Fans of Megadeth are NOT HAPPY. A lot of fans have purchased expensive accomodation, flights and tickets to watch Megadeth. Go on Facebook and you will be confronted with the following;

Marty Gurney
“I have purchased four tix at $185 each, plus hotel accommodation at $330 for one night, am driving 12 hours to get there plus have tickets to Sidewaves and it’s all to see one band. Don’t care about anyone else. Just wanna see Megadeth and I’m feeling really poorly treated at present. I would be pissed too if I was Dave Mustaine but really it’s time for Megadeth to consider the fans.. Fukk the promoter and just get on and play. We the fans make these big bands who they are and therefore we at least deserve a final decision on whether the guys are coming.”

Frank Kompar
“For something that could of been resolved behind closed doors this announcement is insultive to the fans down under. Apologies were offered yesterday now Dave looks like a Diva. Extremely disappointing and piss poor from the band.”

It is worth noting that AJ Maddah has a controlling stake in the Big Day Out festival and recent press around that festival points to it bleeding money. The Soundwave festival on the other hand has had a very good run in relation to attendances. However, being involved with two festivals will take its toll on one person, especially when one is not financially viable.

Angry, stressed promoter vs Dave Mustaine. The results are in and it is a loss to Australian fans again.

Regardless of all the crap that goes, I love the Sidewaves part of Soundwaves. I have a busy three days coming up at the end of February.

On Tuesday, February 25, I will be watching Avenged Sevenfold and Five Finger Death Punch at The Big Top in Luna Park. On Wednesday, February 26, I will be watching Richie Sambora with my eight year old and my seven year old at the Enmore Theatre. Then on Thursday, February 27, I will be watching Mrs Browns Boys with my wife at the Wollongong Entertainment Centre.

Bring it on.

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Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine will never have to spend another dollar on marketing. I have a Google Alert set up for Dave Mustaine, and man, what can I say, the web is a flux with Dave Mustaine news. The most recent news item doing the rounds is the booting off the band Newsted from Megadeth’s Sidewaves shows, the blame game as to who was responsible and now Megadeth cancelling their Australian tour. All of that in 7 days.

In another interview on the FasterLouder website, Mustaine is asked a lot of hard-hitting questions, especially around the recent album “Super Collider” and how it is seen as a failure. Mustaine responded by saying it debuted at No 6 on the Billboard charts, so he wouldn’t call that a failure.

So I thought I would check out the album again, because after I heard when it came out, I only liked two songs, “Kingmaker” and “Cold Sweat” their cover of the great John Sykes penned Thin Lizzy song. So how is resonating almost a year after its release. Still love “Kingmaker” and “Cold Sweat”.

“Forget To Remember” is on the radar now. Musically the song is pretty sound and the melodies are really catchy, however the lyrical theme of the song just doesn’t resonate. “Built For War” has some cool progressions in it and “Don’t Turn Your Back” has a great intro riff (the fast heavy one) but that’s about it. “Super Collider” is not a bad song, however it is too close to “Almost Honest” for me, and I didn’t really like that song either.

Going back to the comment about “coming in at Number 6, so how can people call the album a failure.” It’s important to note that the charts do not have the same meaning and influence as they once did. When someone comes up with a chart that combines sales, streaming counts, YouTube views along with the conversation occurring on social media, only then can we call the charts sensible.

And the album “Super Collider” is a failure. Megadeth should have release a single of “Kingmaker” with “Cold Sweat” as it’s B side. Let that do its rounds for a month and then hit us with another release, perfecting the other songs and writing new ones at the same time. Megadeth have always had a hard-core fan base. They are the ones that rush out and buy the album in the first week. Then once we have it, what’s next. And that is the dilemma of the recording business in 2014.

In the end, we are mainly interested in what is great and it is better to release great more frequently instead of an album every 2 years that has a couple of great tracks. It is unfortunate that a lot of artists prefer the album format because that is what people are used to.

You know the cycle, spend six months writing and recording an album, so that you can tour the world for 15 months and then start the cycle again. It is not like that in 2014. We only have time for what is great. And as much as I love Megadeth, “Super Collider” is not a great album, however “Kingmaker” is a great song. I love the “Children Of The Grave” influence.

On the flip side, I’ll guarantee you that almost everyone knows who Dave Mustaine is. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, because that is another facet of the music business in 2014. Dave Mustaine as a personality has had more traction than “Super Collider”.

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A Day In The Life of Sevendust, Soundwave and AJ Maddah

I purchased tickets to watch Sevendust open up for Creed as part of their Australian Tour back in March 2002. ONE week before the tour started, Sevendust pulled out due to “undisclosed unforeseen circumstances.” In their place was a band called “Crash Palace”. I was like WHO. I didn’t purchase tickets to watch Creed and Crash Palace. I purchased tickets to watch Sevendust only.

As a Sevendust fan I was disappointed. A week after they announced the “undisclosed unforeseen circumstances” press release, drummer Morgan Rose said that the reason why the band pulled out was that John Connolly’s grandmother passed away and he needed to be there. Also Clint Lowery married his long-time girlfriend and needed to spend more time with her.

In March 2004, Sevendust toured Australia as headliners with support from Sunk Loto and Full Scale. At that time I wasn’t financially viable and I didn’t end up going to the shows.

In May 2006, Sevendust cancelled a planned UK/European tour due to a “lack of tour support”.

In March, 2008, Sevendust toured Australia again.

Then Sevendust where on schedule to appear with Avenged Sevenfold. I didn’t mind Avenged Sevenfold, however I purchased tickets based on Sevendust appearing. Then in July, two weeks before the Australian tour commences, they issued the following message;

“Unfortunately we will not be making the trip to Australia this time with A7X. We will be making plans to come back soon. So sorry for any inconvenience and look forward to our next tour there.”

In 2010, Sevendust pulled the plug on their European tour earlier than scheduled for “circumstances beyond their control” .

In 2011, Sevendust made the trip to Australia, playing Soundwave and they also did a few Sidewave Shows as well.

In November 2013, Sevendust dropped off the “From Death To Destiny Tour” with Asking Alexandria, All That Remains, Emmure and For Today several dates earlier due to a “personal family matter.”

Now we have this issue of the Soundwave cancellation. The way the parties tell it is that the band asked for assistance with additional costs and if Soundwave/AJ Maddah didn’t agree to the request, Sevendust still had a Plan B to get to Australia. However, the rejection from Soundwave/AJ Maddah was a swift denial of their request for additional assistance and a cancellation of their Soundwave spot.

Okay, as a fan it is disappointing when a band you like and purchase tickets to go and watch, don’t end up showing up. Based on the above, Sevendust has built up a healthy trend of cancelling tours. The Australian tour cancellations are always hard to swallow as they happen a week or two before the shows are meant to start while some of the other tours have been cancelled mid-way.

It’s very easy to get caught up on the cancellations and forget the amount of shows that Sevendust play each year. Go to Google and type in “ Sevendust”.

In 2013, Sevendust played 116 shows.

For comparison sake, Bon Jovi played 106 shows. Five Finger Death Punch played 78 shows. Coheed and Cambria played 97 shows. Shinedown played 103 shows. Volbeat played 131 shows. Avenged Sevenfold who had the most successful album of 2013 in the metal genre played only 49 shows.

The only band to eclipse Sevendust in the “Road Warrior” title of the year is Volbeat.

2012 was a lean concert year for Sevendust, playing only 19 shows.

In 2011, Sevendust played 120 shows.

To compare again, Bon Jovi played 65 shows. Five Finger Death Punch played 46 shows. Coheed and Cambria played 44 shows. Shinedown didn’t play any shows in 2011, however in 2010 they played 101 shows and in 2012 they played 128 shows. Volbeat played 97 shows. Avenged Sevenfold played 120 shows and shared the honours with Sevendust in the “Road Warrior” title of the year.

2010 saw Sevendust play 69 shows.

So what does the above tell you about Sevendust. They are bloody hard workers, who put in a lot of miles to perform to their audience. Of course it is disappointing that they have had to withdraw from a few Australian tours, however they are in the music business. With any business, why should anyone do something at a loss or if they can’t make any money from it. The only crime from Sevendust is not being transparent enough. We live in an information society and the fans wanted the information straight from the band.

As the war of Twitter words escalated, the story started to become clearer however that was all too late. The band has the attention of their fans via Facebook and other social media outlets. They should use that notice board to communicate with them in a proper personal way, not in the PR way of “unforeseen circumstances beyond our control”.

For any band to tour Australia it is a costly exercise. With our declining dollar, it will make it even more costly. I remember the nineties and the early two thousands. Not a lot of metal bands toured Australia when our dollar was worth 50 cents US. It wasn’t worth it.

AJ Maddah calls Sevendust pissweak for cancelling on him on three occasions. So what about the 314 shows the band has played since 2010. Three Australian tour cancellations vs 314 shows. I don’t call that pissweak.