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Universal Music Takes Down Black Sabbath’s – God Is Dead? and then Re-Instates It

Article at Torrentfreak

Universal Music Group is known for its bogus take down requests.  Then when it is pointed out the error they made, they blame YouTube for following with their request.  Of course it is now back up.

I can understand the reason for the take down requests.  It was meant to take down content that was infringing or content that was making money by using music from UMG artists and UMG wasn’t taking a cut.

So how the Official Black Sabbath YouTube page fell into that category is beyond me.  All UMG has done here, is ensure that the fans have ripped the work and put it up on a thousand other channels and websites.   Check YouTube now and you will see many pages that are offering the song.

Stupidity by Labels – TICK

Treating Legitimate Fans Like Shit – TICK

Using COPYRIGHT to protect profits and bottom lines – TICK

Blame Technology when errors are made – TICK

Ensure that people pirate the content as the legal option was taken down – TICK

Then Scream PIRACY so that Legislation can be written – TICK

I was looking at the numbers.  PSY’s new song Gentleman has 167,000,000 views.  Black Sabbath’s comeback song with Ozzy is sitting at 118,000.   Even the Sabbath In The Studio series was averaging about 250,000 views.

If you are interested in my take on God Is Dead, click here.


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