Music, Treating Fans Like Shit

Stone Music Festival Is On

Rain, hail or shine, people, the Stone Music Festival is on.

So for the fans that want to get wet and rock n roll, it’s all systems go.  For the older fans of the older bands, you need to act like teenagers and be treated like teenagers.  Thanks for paying $300 + for a platinum ticket.

The stage was meant to be all the way back, instead they have moved it so far forward, there is like 20 metres of grass and then the stands.  This goes to show how low the ticket sales have been.

The Chinese Whispers doing the rounds stated that the organisers wanted to cancel, however they still would have had to pay Van Halen and Billy Joel their large appearance fees.

Anyway, all the best to all the people going there.  I am off to Coheed and Cambria tonight at the Metro Theatre, for $60 a ticket and I have a meet and greet with them as well.  Plus it’s indoors.  Plus i get to watch Circa Survive.  For some reason I feel like I got the better deal.


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