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Getting Older on YouTube

I was watching some Iron Maiden on YouTube. 

“Rock In Rio” on the back of the “Brave New World” vs “Rock In Rio” on the back of the “Senjutsu” album.

I wonder how many of the old Maiden fans went back and played “Senjutsu” over and over again.

Most of the songs on the new album I don’t really know how they go by looking at the title. It didn’t happen before. As soon as a person mentioned a Maiden song from their 80’s output, I knew the riff and the vocal melody.

Is it because of time?

I saw some research recently over at The Conversation website, which talks about how we stop exploring new music as we get older. While i don’t jump right in for new artists, I do know still like to see what my favorite artists are up to.

Did I have more time to listen to music before than now? 

Bruce will always be a legend and Iron Maiden music is a massive part of my youth soundtrack growing up.

Getting old affects everybody, and Bruce is also struggling. It seems he doesn’t have the throat muscle to pronounce the words properly. Playing the songs a little bit faster in a live setting doesn’t help either. Plus the dude battled throat cancer and won.

Then I caught some Bon Jovi footage after I heard an NSTS Podcast from Brent Jensen, which spoke about JBJ’s voice on the recent 2021 and 2022 tour. Fans on Facebook commented after viewing a video somebody shared, that they want their money back from the show, and they weren’t even there.

The songs are down tuned, which is normal as a band ages. The backing vocals are triggered and pre-recorded, so it looks like they are singing, which they are, however when they sing, the louder pre-recorded vocals are heard more. This is also normal in this day, especially when rock acts age.

But the down tuning of these songs, takes the life away from them. Instead of that big key change to a Gm in “Livin’ On A Prayer” and getting those ball crunching woooh, we’re halfway there, who-oh livin’ on a prayer” you get a very low baritone like vocal (if there is one at all) as Jovi is a master at getting the crowd to fill the gaps.

Like Bruce, JBJ will always be a legend and Bon Jovi music formed a soundtrack of my youth, between 1984 and 1994. I’m not a huge fan of “These Days” but got back on board with “Crush” and left forever after “What About Now”.

I also wanted to see and hear how Motley Crue looked and sounded with John 5 live. It’s like he’s been part of the band forever. He just fits the picture and I mean no disrespect to Mick Mars, who will always be a legend as well, for the music that Motley Crue did in the 80’s also formed a massive part of my youth soundtrack. But I still think their best album is the Motley Corabi album. Which they ignore because Vince didn’t sing on it.

Then again, you don’t go to a Crue show to hear Vince sing. It’s an experience.


6 thoughts on “Getting Older on YouTube

  1. Music during your formative years does tend to stick with you. It seemed important and part of who you are. When you get older, you don’t have time to listen to as much and music tends to be more of a background. I listen to a lot of new music if I can, but the only ones that stick with me have to connect with me emotionally for me to remember (and I have to listen to it a lot). I think the connection lessens as we get older which is why a lot of new music isn’t memorable. I don’t know, just guessing here.

  2. I think in regards to recent albums like Maiden its peoples attention spans that move on quickly. Senjutsu I still listen to it periodically as when I caught em back in October they opened with the first three tracks from it…
    I’m sure there upcoming tour they will do a 50/50 split with that album and Somewhere In Time

  3. As someone in their mid-20s currently, it’s hard falling in love with all of these 70s/80s bands because it’s shocking to find out how much older they are now in this DNA age. I was watching a clip of a 1992 interview with Malcolm and Angus from AC/DC yesterday and then it hit me again that Mal is not alive anymore. It’s normal to for people to gravitate towards the albums they grew up with vs. newer albums, though!

  4. This is definitely a thing. I do still have phases where I get really into discovering unheard stuff, but those phases don’t last and are few and far between. I more or less know my zone at this point in life and stick with it.

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