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1986 – Part 4.7: Ratt – Dancing Undercover

I missed this album in 1986, picking it up a few years later. I’m glad I did pick it up, because as soon as I dropped the needle I liked what I head musically.

It had groove, it was heavy and it was music I was familiar with, like the “Van Halen II” album.

“Dancing Undercover” is the third studio album.

Ratt was on an album per year cycle, as the label knew that time at the top is fleeting, so they capitalized as much as they can.

Produced by Beau Hill, he kept the Ratt’sters of Stephen Pearcy (Vocals), Robbin Crosby (Guitar), Warren DeMartini (Guitar), Juan Croucier (Bass) and Bobby Blotzer (Drums) in line to deliver another Platinum album.

However it’s important to remember that Platinum awards were given out to artists based on shipments alone before Soundscan became a thing.

Did they really sell a million?

I don’t think they did. Then again in a country of 332 million, what is a million in sales.

It’s less than 1 percent. 0.3 to be exact.

That’s the reach.



Written by Crosby, Pearcy, DeMartini and producer Beau Hill.

Before “Girls, Girls, Girls” there was “Dance”.

Check out the digital delay melodic lead at the start is perfect.

Does it remind you of the piano riff on “Bat Out Of Hell”?

One Good Lover

Written by Crosby and Pearcy.

Check out the “Somebody Get Me A Doctor” riff in the Intro and Chorus. Crosby was a master at taking something that came before and making it Ratt’N’Roll material. And he also took the feel, the key and groove of “You Really Got Me” in the verses as well.

Drive Me Crazy

Written by Crosby, Pearcy, DeMartini and Blotzer.

The dudes borrow from another L.A shredder in Mr George Lynch with the Intro/Chorus riff and a certain EVH in the Verses and Pre.

Slip Of The Lip

Written by DeMartini, Croucier and Pearcy.

Its blues rock groove was better than anything that AC/DC was releasing and DeMartini was in pentatonic heaven with his leads.

Body Talk

“Light Up The Sky” comes to mind immediately.

So press play and enjoy that main riff from DeMartini, which is something he had written a while ago, but never knew what to do with it.

Until Croucier heard it, wrote some more music for it and arranged the song, with Pearcy contributing lyrics.

A perfect Side 1 closer.

Looking for Love

The Side 2 opener written by Crosby, Croucier and Pearcy.

How catchy is the vocal line in the Chorus on this?

But press play to check out the NWOBHM riff in the intro.

It’s heavy fucking metal.

7th Avenue

Written by DeMartini and Pearcy.

The metal blues groove on this is perfection, something which Izzy and Slash would use a lot on the debut GNR album.

It Doesn’t Matter

Written by Croucier and Pearcy.

Musically it’s very VH like.

The Chorus lyrics are great with the message to let your individual freak flag fly, as it doesn’t matter at all the clothes you wear.

But the Verse lyrics are not in sync.

Take a Chance

Written by DeMartini, Croucier and Pearcy.

CC DeVille would be inspired for “Unskinny Bop” and DeMartini would re-use some of the riffs for “Way Cool Jnr”. It could even pass as a derivative version of “Slip Of The Lip” or a track on a David Lee Roth album.

Enough Is Enough

Written by DeMartini, Crosby, Croucier and Pearcy it’s basically “You’re In Love” in clean tone.

Croucier is all over this album, with co-writes on almost every track. Pearcy was never Shakespeare when it came to lyrics, but there is always room for dumb party sex songs.

Then again, not if your Eddie Vedder.

Press play.


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