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The Record Vault: Deep Purple – Masters From The Vault (DVD)

I got suckered in by the $7 price.

This is Deep Purple performing for the TV stations in Europe during the 70’s.

This DVD sourced the material from;

  • 1970 Live Performance from Granada Television Studios in England
  • Circa 1971/72 Live Performances on German TV
  • 1989 Live Concert Performance of the Ian Gillan Band

Check out the 1970 live performances for Granada Television Studios in England on YouTube. The version of “Child In Time” is killer and the 25 year old, Ian Gillan is nailing everything and Ian Paice is thundering behind the kit. And the song is played in it’s entirety.

All up the live TV performance has 4 songs. “Speed King”, “Child in Time”, “Wring That Neck”, and “Mandrake Root”. Apart from “Child in Time”, the other songs are edited so Deep Purple could fit into the 30 minute TV slot.

The German TV material has 3 songs in “No No No”, “Highway Star” and “Hallelujah”.

Listen to this, just to hear “Highway Star” in its infancy as the classical arpeggios hadn’t been written yet.

And “Hallelujah” is lip-synced.

The Ian Gillan Band material is of Deep Purple songs and it’s pretty good.

You can hear it here.

“When a Blind Man Cries” is done really well.

Back when the DVD was released I believe it was the earliest known recordings of the classic Mark II line up of Blackmore, Lord, Paice, Gillan and Glover.

One final note, it looks like the footage was copied from an old VHS.

And this brings to end my Deep Purple collection. Either Dream Theater or Def Leppard is up next.


9 thoughts on “The Record Vault: Deep Purple – Masters From The Vault (DVD)

  1. That’s kind of a neat deal with that early performance on there. I can imagine telling Blackmore that 4 songs need to go into 30 minutes. Those things ripped from a tape are an adventure, like someone spent money to press a copy of a tape that was barely hanging on.

  2. 7 Bucks spent and a post came out of it Sir! I’m with the Snowman go with Lep as your next collection!
    Not that I’m telling ya what to do lol ..

  3. I love “No No No”! It has such a good groove to it! I always hate when bands have to shorten their songs for TV appearances; it kind of takes away the magic of the songs because you’re not getting the whole thing. Also, I vote for you to go through your Def Leppard stuff next, please! If I’m allowed to cast a vote, haha.

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