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The Record Vault: Digital Summer – Hollow

“Hollow” is an EP/DVD released on March 31, 2008, and featured the single “Rescue Me”.

The band for the album is a bit different from the debut with Kyle Winterstein on Vocals and Guitar, Raymond Amparan and Johnmark Cenfield on Guitar, noting the absence of Kyle’s brother, Ian on guitar. Anthony Hernandez on Bass and Chris Carlson on Drums.

The first four tracks are acoustic tracks, but played in a way like “Days Of The New” with bass and drums also prominent.

The acoustic medium suits the band a lot, because it highlights even further what a great vocalist Kyle Winterstein is.

Whatever It Takes

From the debut album and the distorted sounds are replaced by the aggressive strummed sounds of acoustic guitars.

The Chorus catchcry of doing whatever it takes to get someone out of their life sounds even more desperate in this format. And the drumming still keeps the same frantic pace like the studio recording.

Use Me

A new track and the strummed acoustic guitar riff gets me interested. Vocally, I feel like Aaron Lewis is singing this.

“Let me use you and I’ll let you use me” is the hook, to forget memories and promises made.


Also from the debut album and I like the swampy bluesy feel I get when I hear the intro on acoustic.

Then the riff just before the verses is so “American Woman”.

The thing is, the riff I am talking about is basically known as “the Nu-Metal” riff as every band that dabbled in the genre has a riff like it.

And when its stripped back to an acoustic format, this modern riff sounds like it came from a 60’s song. And I like those little connections to thins known before.

Sweet Misery

Another new track that begins with a riff made up of open strings and single notes, begging for a distorted guitar but it doesn’t come.

Instead a piano melody plays over and over the riff, which gives it a haunting sound along with the shimmering ambient noises, which are mixed in low.

Rescue Me

A full plugged in band track.

A sad piano riff starts it all off before a guitar riff kicks into gear in the verses which reminds me of “Come Undone” from Duran Duran.

Worth The Pain

Another new track. The style of this song is why I like the band, as they combine elements of electronica into a commercial sounding hard rock song.

Crank it.


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