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The Week In Destroyer Of Harmony History – June 28 to July 4

4 Years Ago (2017)

I was away for a football tournament during this period in Canberra, Australia’s capital so no posts happened.

8 Years Ago (2013)

I was showing my appreciation to Dee Snider and “You Can’t Stop Rock N Roll”.

We walk the streets
In tattered armies
We got the lion in our heart
We’re not lookin’ for trouble
Just for some fun
But we’re all ready if you wanna’ start

Truth from “The Kids Are Back”.

We just wanted to have fun, and having fun got us into trouble sometimes, but, if someone wanted to fight with us, we didn’t take a backward step.

Who are you to look down
At what I believe?

From “I Am (I’m Me)”.

I didn’t want to work in the steel mills. I wanted something different, but I didn’t know what. And my parents didn’t like that. While they supported me, they still expressed disappointment at my lack of motivation to be a steelworker.

it’s an angry steed,
on a never ending course
with grace and speed
it’s an unrelenting force
his head thrown back, defiantly proud
under constant attack,
it’s blasting, fast and loud

From “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll”.

I love how Rock N Roll is referred to something which is unseen. Like the force, binding all living things. I lift up my hands in praise.


What metric is more important?

A sale of a record or whether people LISTEN to it.

Music is a service. People heard music by going to a live performance of it. Then music evolved into a product. I grew up in an era were I purchased a product to hear the music I liked.

If people want to know if an album or a song is a hit they need to look at more metrics.

It’s a combination of everything from YouTube views, steams, torrent downloads and sales.

Music obtained for free via illegal means can also be good for you. I remember watching the Iron Maiden 666 movie and Nicko McBrian was saying that they haven’t sold a single record in Costa Rica, however they have 40,000 kids coming to the show.

Because there isn’t that much difference between success in the past and success today.

Thanks for reading.


One thought on “The Week In Destroyer Of Harmony History – June 28 to July 4

  1. Yeah that Nico comment made sense as Maiden were chill about the free downloads yet they knew they could hit Costa Rica and make a pile of dough and probably be better off as well. Maiden is smart as they don’t sweat the small stuff…

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