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The Pirate Vault #1

Remember when the Recording Industry spent money on advertising stating that “home taping would kill the industry” and they wanted cassettes removed from sale, only to realize that once they started producing music onto cassettes, another revenue stream became available.

Sound familiar. Streaming is bad. Let’s ban it. Wait a minute, let’s work with it and wow, look at our profit lines.

Cinderella – “Night Songs” and Pearl Jam – “Vs

There was another band on Side 2 which I overdubbed for Pearl Jam’s second album. I can’t even remember the name of the band.

And I couldn’t have overdubbed Cinderella because I didn’t buy the “Night Songs” LP until the 90s, via the second hand shops.

“Night Songs” came from my cousin Mega around 1987 and “Vs” came from a drummer in a band I was in.

WASP – “The Headless Children” and Twisted Sister – “Ruff Cutts”

My cousin Mega was again my point of reference here. “The Headless Children” is a massive album from WASP, one of their best.

And Mega has the TS logo on his arm.

At this point in time he also found the very rare and hard to find “Ruff Cutts” from Twisted Sister so it was a no brainer to tape that, purely for the rawness of the sound.

And the beauty of a 90 cassette meant that I had 45 minutes available on each side.

Which I filled up by other artists at separate points in time.

In this case I added “Out In The Fields” by Gary Moore, then at some point I added “Anybody Listening” the band version by Queensryche and “Seasons” from Badlands.

Tesla – Mechanical Resonance And Kansas – Point Of No Return

I taped these ones myself from the LPs so I could play the cassette on the Walkman. Remember those.

And I added a couple of Kansas tracks from the 80s at the end.


2 thoughts on “The Pirate Vault #1

  1. Love it! So cool you kept these.
    How about that Cinderella and PJ tape. Grungers would have cringed back in 94 at that tape of yours. haha.
    Out In The Fields is a great track.
    Tesla and Kansas actually go quite nice together especially the acoustic stuff!
    Bravo Pete! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yeah I really didn’t get on well with some of the elitist grungers.
    A guy who I worked with was a mad Smashing Pumpkins fan and he kept on telling me that they shit on every band. At that point in time AC/DC was doing good business and I said, that AC/DC would disagree.
    Anyway he spat on the floor, said AC/DC is old and a bunch of geriatrics and I said we’ll see which band is more relevant in 10 years time, which for AC/DC that would be going into their 40th year and for Smashing Pumpkins their 15th year.
    the numbers back me up that AC/DC ruled the roost. Lol.

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