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Record Labels – Who Needs Them In The Era Of The Independent Artist?

It’s the era of the independent artist and in my opinion nobody really needs a record label. The days when only a record label could introduce and expose an artist to the public are gone. 

The record labels have never been in the business to sell talented musicians. They never really did and they never will. The record labels are in the business to sell entertainment. What the record labels have created is a great divide between the highest paid entertainment and the talented musicians. If people think winning The Voice guarantees them a career, they are mistaken. The Voice is purely entertainment. It’s all about ratings. The creators of The Voice don’t care about next year or the year after.

The majors still pay to manufacture an artist because they have a certain look, and a certain sound. This is purely done to cash in on a current trend.

The barriers to distribute music do not exist anymore. If anything it is easier to distribute your music. All bands need to do, is to offer the path of least resistance.

Basically it’s a case of survival of the fittest. There are no guarantees in the music business and musicians need to keep fighting each day to first make a name for themselves and then to keep that name viable.

The World does not owe musicians a living.


3 thoughts on “Record Labels – Who Needs Them In The Era Of The Independent Artist?

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