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Saying One Thing At Time

There is a common view in economics, if something is difficult to get, it’s better because in the mind of the customer, the goods or service they cannot get becomes a powerful want.

How does this work for an artist?

If an artist is creating songs and making those songs difficult to get, the audience would surely move on to something else.

Super fans of artists make up 10% of their audience base.

I believe the way the artist releases songs is out of sync with the time.

If a person talks for 70 minutes we will hear nothing. If an artist releases 70 minutes of music, we will remember some and forget the rest. Because most of the time, we’re hardly listening. If you don’t believe me, ask a Metallica fan to name all the tracks of “Hardwired To Self-Destruct” and then ask them to sing the chorus of every track.

Back in the 80’s we had time to listen. When we dropped the needle on our latest purchase, we laid back, looked at the album cover, the lyrics, the credits and listened. There is a study out there that states we enjoy music even more when we have this information at hand and we know the story behind the songs. But back in the 80’s all we really had was our music and movies for entertainment. Technology and the home PC was starting to enter homes, however it wasn’t big enough to take up the conversation. Also, some of favourite albums lasted between 30 to 40 minutes in total. So what the artist had to say back then was less than what they say now.

But today, the youth are not like the youth of the 80’s. Hell we are living in times were a country (Saudi Arabia) made a robot a citizen. All new music is competing with the history of music, plus TV shows with movie budgets, plus blockbuster movies, plus technologies and social media, plus AI created news stories and the history of print.

Maybe music works are better when they are released frequently and when an artist tries to say one thing at a time, instead of 10 different things at once.

Music, My Stories

If “Along For The Ride” is the first song you heard from a new band called Dream Theater, would you recommend it to anyone?

I have been sharing the link to Dream Theater’s new song, “Along For The Ride” with quite a few people. The feedback received is not really positive.

“Epic man, now that’s what Dream Theater is not supposed to be about!!!!”

“How this song isn’t a number one hit is beyond me!!!! (I’m taking you did catch on to the sarcasm right)”

So I went on to Dream Theater’s Facebook page and a war is going on between DT fans.

You have the following divisions;

1. Fans that are disappointed at the two songs released so far.

2. Fans that are happy with the two songs released so far.

3. Fans that are happy with at least one of the songs released so far and not happy with the other one.

4. Fans that are saying that all Dream Theater fans should be happy that Dream Theater are still releasing music.

I will finish the post with a question. If “Along For The Ride” is the first song you heard from a new band called Dream Theater, would you recommend it to anyone?