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Missing In Action

It all started with trying to find 20 tiles to match the existing tiles in the bathroom and ensuite. This led to putting tiles up, tearing the new tiles down, finding different tiles and different designs, putting up those tiles and then deciding I should be painting the whole house and then sanding/polishing the floorboards.

It was basically chaos. Four weeks of chaos.

I’m not a big fan of spending time on home renovations. And while I did have tradies come in and do some of the painting and floorboards polishing, I still had to move everything out of the house for it to happen (including my music) and then I had to move everything back in, with extra care to not scratch or damage any of the newly minted surfaces.

And I still have work to do, like the wardrobes in the kids rooms and the linen cupboards in the hallway. I’m not sure why my wife had to gut the wardrobes for the walls to be painted. All I’m gonna do is cover the newly painted walls.

During it all, I was listening to music.

Machine Head’s new album “Of Kingdom and Crown” and Long Distance Calling’s new album “Eraser” got a lot of spins. Both will be in my Top 10 albums. And while Ozzy’s best years are behind him, I enjoyed listening to “Patient Number 9” and the different textures the guest guitarists added to it.

One of my favourite Australian artists, “The Butterfly Effect” dropped a new album called “IV”. Their first since 2008. And it’s good. I also gave “Darker Still” from Parkway Drive a few listens and there are a lot of anthemic riffs in this. I just need to sit down and start learning em. And the album is written from what works live for them. They have spent a lot of years on the road, so they know what kind of riffs and leads resonate live.

It’s the same deal with “The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead” from Megadeth. Musically, Mustaine and crew nail the old school thrash feel with a bit of technicality added to it. It’s another album that has a lot of cool riffs and melodic leads to unpack and learn.

Slowly I am returning to things I like. Like blogging and commenting on blogs.


9 thoughts on “Missing In Action

  1. Glad you’re back Pete. Home Reno’s are a massive undertaking as we gutted our whole house at the start of this year and had everything done. Carpet ripped out..vinyl flooring put in the whole upstairs (3 bedrooms, kitchen, hallway) Bathroom completely overhauled and gutted, painting and cupboards redone and a new furnace and hot water tank put in as well. Lots of dough spent which u know but so worth it…
    Tried listening to the new Megadeth but all the drama that goes with this band and others get tiring to me. lol

      • I like the Countdown record as thats a masterpiece and even the one that followed but once Menza and Marty were gone so was I as that rotating lineup gets goofy. Mustaine is the metal version of Coverdale in canning lineups

  2. Nice to see you back. Home renovation is a nightmare. My buddy is doing his bathroom right now and it’s been a monster project that has taken months longer than he thought it would.

    • Yeah things don’t go as planned. And the body is not much younger so it struggles with it as well. Bathroom renos are difficult because of all the services their like electricity, water, drainage, toilet sewer, etc.

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