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The Week In Destroyer Of Harmony History – May 3 to May 9

4 Years Ago (2017)

There is a lot of hate for the Public Domain from the corporations that hold the Copyrights to a lot of culture and the hate will get even bigger now that other corporations like hedge funds and investment funds are buying up the rights to valuable works.

A lot of artists hate streaming, but streaming has really shown how valuable music can be, which has brought in a new player to the Copyright table.

I was also comparing what I thought was hot and not not.

The Night Flight Orchestra got some love as being hot as well as the Sweden’s music scene. Adrenaline Mob was also back after the death of AJ Pero and the previous departure of Mike Portnoy. But a much larger tragedy was on the horizon.

8 Years Ago (2013)

Jeff Hanneman passed away.

All from a spider bite. First it was the flesh eating disease and then the final act, he suffered liver failure during his recovery.

Part 2 of the Angus Young, Guitar World interview from 1986 was posted.

“It’s a cheap tag (on being called Heavy metal) and its been stamped on us mainly from a media point of view. It’s an insult to be slapped in with hundreds of other bands. We look at it this way, we’re a rock and roll band. Calling AC/DC heavy metal is like saying The Police is a reggae band, even though they may have a bit of that style.”

AC/DC is still found in the Metal section of the record stores.

“You should give someone a chance to develop their own technique. If someone tells you how to play something it could easily mess up your talent and corrupt you for life. Everything you play should be done how you feel like doing it—very naturally. Playing guitar is like doing anything else—you’ve got to be able to think for yourself.”

So I wasn’t surprised when by 1990 so many guitarists sounded the same and had very similar techniques.

Motley Crue announced another tour and no new material.

Vito Bratta’s guitar playing was still coming through the speakers. He spent so many years to make it, only to walk away, a few years after making it.

Jerry Cantrell from Alice In Chains was pissed because “something you’ve worked on and poured your soul into, and invested your money in, somehow it’s no longer deemed valuable. That’s fucked up, to me.

But I disagreed. His art is valuable to the people who find it valuable. Just because someone spent two to three years creating art, it doesn’t mean that people will find it valuable to pay you for it. The ones that want to pay, will pay.

I was overdosing on “West Ruth Avenue” from The Night Flight Orcheatra. It’s the Kiss – “I Was Made For Lovin You” guitar like riff that grabbed my attention. It’s from their 2012 album “Internal Affairs” released via Coroner Records.

The NFO captures the magic of classic rock and they make it sound so authentic.

Nikki Sixx was pissed at fans rushing the stage and Black Sabbath debuted new songs live prior to the release of “13”. Meanwhile Stone Sour was covering Sabbath with “Children Of The Grave”.

“Children of The Grave” is my best Sabbath song. I still prefer the blistering Randy Rhoads version on “Tribute”. It’s got more of a metal feel to it and the lead break that Randy unleashes is another one of his songs within a song lead break.

Thirty Seconds To Mars dropped “Conquistador” and I was/still am a fan of its massive blues rock riff.

Apart from White Lion, I was also cranking Saraya. Guitarist Tony Bruno Rey is an underrated Guitar Hero. Here is a post on “Timeless Love” from the “Shocker” soundtrack. And here is a post on “Love Has Taken It’s Toll” and “Runnin Out Of Time”.

I was on the Queensryche is nothing without Chris DeGarmo and posted about it. And i was still following the trajectory of “What About Now’ from Bon Jovi. This week it slipped from 76 to 96.


3 thoughts on “The Week In Destroyer Of Harmony History – May 3 to May 9

    • Yep they really dried up the well here.

      Sixx was still creative with Brides and Sixx AM and co-writing songs for other artists with James Michael. I got into the band Saliva because there was a song on the album that Nikki Sixx wrote. Talk about drinking the Kool Aid. Lol

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