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Fans Rushing The Stage

Nikki Sixx was spot on, What the Fuck is wrong with you?

Fans breaking through the security barriers and going on to the stage is not cool.  Just look back at the Dimebag Darrell tragedy.  Musicians don’t need to be worried about some psycho rushing the stage.  I see the good in people, and I am pretty sure that in most cases it is just a fan, that is having a good time, probably drank a shit load of booze and smoked some weed before the gig.  However, there is always the one, that can ruin it for everyone.

Did anyone pick up Nikki’s not so subtle boot to the body of the so called fan?  Take that.  If those boots are steel cap, that fan is going to have to some damage, however Mick said that his security guy has got a few broken ribs.  Did Nikki miss?

Out of all people, why Mick Mars.  His ill.  He’s got that bone seizure thing happening.  He cant even fight back.  Did you see how the security guys lifted him up?  He is struggling.

Stay off the stage people, let the band do their thing.  If you want to meet them, purchase a meet and greet.  Actually bad idea on that one, why would you pay those stupid greedy prices.

It’s good thing the band came back on and finished off the night.  Otherwise there would have been a “RIOT – DOWN IN MAIN STREET TONIGHT”.  Guess where that lyric came from.


2 thoughts on “Fans Rushing The Stage

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