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No Prayer For The Dying

30 years old.

How does it hold up as a Maiden album?

Would any of the songs on the album replace a song in the classic concert set list?

And why the two different covers when they remastered it a decade later?

I purchased it on day one on cassette.

How can you not purchase it after “Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son”?

I had a tape deck that used to chew tapes up so I demanded my Dad let me use his pristine Toshiba cassette player.

He said “no”, because he believed that tapes with heavy metal music would somehow wreck his tape deck.

I went to Mum to smooth him over and that didn’t work, but I had a plan.

When he was at work, I would use his tape deck. But Dad was smart. He caught on.

He woke me up early when he was leaving for work and told me that it’s okay to use his tape deck because he had a feeling that I would use it while he’s at work as that’s exactly the same thing he would do.

I already heard the lead off single in “Holy Smoke” and the “flies round shit, bees around honey”.

So I pressed play.

And “Tailgunner” started.

How good is the bass playing on it?

That whole intro is built by Steve Harris and his four fingers.

“No Prayer For The Dying” is super underrated with the powerful ending around “God give me the answer to my life…”

“Public Enema Number One” has lyrics relevant to what’s happening today.

In the cities in the streets / there’s a tension you can feel / the breaking strain is fast approaching / Guns and riots.

The politicians gamble / and lie to save their skins / and the press get fed the scapegoats / Public enema number one

“Fates Warning” feels like it could have come from the “Somewhere In Time” album. Check out that harmony solo.

“Mother Russia” sounds like it came from the “7th Son” album but it felt unfinished.

“Bring Your Daughter” was a hit.

And all the other songs had some good sections.

I labeled the album, the worst of the Bruce Dickinson era at the time.

And then they released “Fear Of The Dark” and I kept that viewpoint.

Then Bruce left and Blaze came in.

Then Bruce came back and they released a shitload of albums from “Brave New World” to “The Book Of Souls”.

And I still have that view point even though I believe that “The Book Of Souls” could have used some John Kalodner editing.

But I enjoy listening “No Prayer”. I can’t explain it.


9 thoughts on “No Prayer For The Dying

  1. Took me a while to get into it. I think the first half is pretty great/underrated. Second is hit and miss. At the time it was definitely the weakest album they had done. Felt dated next to other music of the era. Felt like Bruce’s solo career was influencing things. I still prefer it to FotD though. And I still quite like giving it the odd spin.

  2. Crazy as time flies! I bought this CD in Winnipeg when me and Tbone went to see ZZ Top on Oct 6 1990!
    Kinda has become the sleeper album along with FOD in the Bruce side of Maiden. First side is solid. Public Enema Number 1 is a great track as is Holy Smoke.
    I need to get this one on vinyl.

  3. Henrik says:

    Huge disappointment after predecessor but that was expected. Yet No Prayer For The Dying is lacklustre and below par in many areas.

    + Decent energy level

    – Janick Gers is more a rocknroller than an epic metal guitarist who can create melodies, killer riffs and tasty solos. That is, he could not fill Adrian Smith’s boots.
    – Production and sound, especially drum sound
    – Sloppy songwriting
    – Bruce’s style i.e. no longer air raid siren but more towards punky grunge or alt-metal guy

    • Yes Janick is definitely the rock n roller and very different to Adrian Smith. But Harris as the main head honcho could have easily kept the standard. Even with Mother Russia, it feels like it’s unfinished.

      I think Gers has grown into the role with the decades. But then again from what I’ve read it’s Gers contributing music and Harris putting it all together.

      And why don’t they play 7th Son anymore Live?

  4. Henrik says:

    If I’m asked they should play the title track plus 7th Son album on every concert but apparently that’s a bit biased opinion because my first IM gig was 7th Son tour at Donington, which is probably one of their best shows ever.

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