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The Record Vault – Choirboys Extra

Well those pesky 7 inch singles keep on getting forgotten when I’m doing these Record Vault posts.

Here is “Boys Will Be Boys” from the Choirboys.

I remember I wanted to buy the “Run To Paradise” single but it wasn’t available, and this one was.

I guess physical had its limitations and no one knew that “Run To Paradise” would become so big. That’s the big secret the labels don’t like to tell. They don’t have a clue what connects and what doesn’t.


5 thoughts on “The Record Vault – Choirboys Extra

  1. I never bought any 7 inch singles so it’s cool to see this stuff posted from friends collections. Were these the guys you talked about that opened for Jovi on the Slippery Tour?

  2. Nice little nugget in the collection. I am always on the lookout for 7″ singles from my major collection bands and I picked up a Kiss one the other day for Beth. I love finding those things.

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