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Blood In The Water

I didn’t think that JBJ had it in him to do a song like this at this point in his life. Musically it feels like a rewrite of my favourite Jovi song in “Dry County”, however this one is just 6 minutes long and it doesn’t have that shred like solo. But it’s the link to “Dry County” that got me interested in the first place.

And then I listened to the lyrics.

A storm is coming
Let me be clear
Your days are numbered
The end is near
The walls around you
Are closing in
It’s too late for praying
Sinner meet sin

Is this Jon Bon Jovi?

He’s pissed and I like it.

What happened to “we can make it” and “have a nice day”. I guess the world has really kicked us all in the face these days and our eyes have seen enough injustice to last a lifetime.

You should also check out “American Reckoning” from Jovi. He’s spitting venom on that one.

Once I came across your border
Now they come to take me back
I sleep with one eye open
I don’t make waves, I don’t leave tracks

“I don’t make waves, I don’t leave tracks”, my Dad said something similar to me. He went to work, paid his taxes, paid his bills, made no trouble and he didn’t bother anyone.

Migrants came to the lands of free for a better life and opportunity. And there were problems at the start but it was still beautiful and full of hope.

But things started to change, when we started to get connected. Suddenly, echo chambers became a thing, fake videos and fake news started to become real, science was frowned upon and the leadership changes up top meant that people have to walk around with one eye behind them and one eye in front.

On fake videos, go to YouTube and check out the fake videos people have made of famous people saying things they’ve never said. The technology is that good, no one can spot the fake video.

Blood in the water
Our fates are sealed
The devils greatest trick
Was just to say he wasn’t real
Satan always used to love to say he wasn’t real

There’s no need to look at the world for problems when those same problems are on the streets of our neighbourhoods.

I’m a Russian hack by trade

The Cold War is nothing compared to the Digital War happening right now. These hackers don’t even have to leave the comfort of their bedrooms to do the same things that used to happen during the Cold War espionage days.

State backed hacks are all the rage right now.

The US is going to the polls, so expect increased activity. In Australia, they even arrested a politician accused of being a spy for China.

Bon Jovi is a large part of the soundtrack of my youth. And like all artists who have been in the business for 30 plus years, we fall in and out of love with their music.

It’s just the way things go. “Blood In The Water” has given me hope.


7 thoughts on “Blood In The Water

  1. Glad you found something you liked on it. I didn’t enjoy the album at all. I found it depressing, slow and not what I needed to hear. There is no magic left in their sound anymore. It really wasn’t recognizable as Bon Jovi. This song was one of the better ones though.

    • I have a similar viewpoint. It’s not Jovi as I know Jovi. But this is the Jovi that’s happening right now. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

      To compare, I played some music from artists after they’ve been in the business for 30 plus years like Springsteen, Henley, Maiden, Metallica and Maiden and found absolutely nothing that resembles what Jovi is doing.

      Like after 30 years in the business Metallica delivers there fastest album to date in Hardwired and AC just keeps pushing their blues rock and Maiden, man, they, keep pushing their boundaries of what old school metal can be. While they returned to their roots Jovi keeps bringing in more country and folk into his sound.

      In saying all of that, this cut is a step in the right direction and it’s good to see Jovi in a pissed off mode.

      • I will give you all that. At least he is still going and trying. Plus, he doesn’t have to do what people want to hear. He has been around long enough to do what he wants to. Now Live, he has to do what the people want and they still go see him live.

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