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Fly To The Angels

Slaughter was one of those bands you either liked or didn’t like.

Bassist Dana Strum was a go to man when people needed band members. He recommended Randy Rhoads to Ozzy’s camp along with Jake E Lee.

Afterwards, he teamed up with Kiss outcast, Vinnie Vincent for his Invasion. After Mark Slaughter joined the band (replacing the original singer, Rob Fleischmann), the Invasion went full tilt on album number two, before Chrysalis pulled the plug on Vincent’s diva like demands and offered his record deal to Slaughter and Strum.

And for a 4 year period, Slaughter was slaying the scene, becoming a reliable platinum act in the process.

Nothing lasts forever and for Slaughter, the fall was quicker than the rise in a commercial sense. Guitarist, Tim Kelly had some law enforcement problems over trafficking narcotics and then tragically, he lost his life in a motor vehicle accident. These days, Strum is more than happy playing Motley covers with Vince Neil, while Mark Slaughter is still writing and dropping new music.

“Fly To The Angels” is not my favourite track from the debut album, but it captures the great song writing that Slaughter and Strum are capable of. There is an electric and acoustic version of the song and both are good.

It’s a sad song and Slaughters vocal commands attention with its power.

Heaven awaits your heart


5 thoughts on “Fly To The Angels

  1. That debut I may need to revisit at some point. They had it going on at the time. Got on the big tours etc. Big promo push behind the debut which made Vincent puke I’m sure! lol

  2. Their first two albums were fantastic. I’ve been trying to get them on vinyl, but dang they are expensive. Good news is they are re-releasing the debut on vinyl and I’ve ordered it as it is now a reasonable price. It was due on May 20th, and now coming in August…dang Covid!!

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