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Tangled In The Web

The Elektra “Lynch Mob” albums capture a guitarist at the peak of his powers and with a passion to prove that he can make it on his own. And George Lynch didn’t fail with these albums at all.  

As good as the Max Norman produced “Wicked Sensation” is and as good as Lynch’s Dokken work is, Lynch finally broke away from all the baggage in 1992 with “Tangled In The Web” released during a time when Nirvana and Pearl Jam started to make waves on the chart and hard rock music and bands started to have less of an impact than they would have had if they released these kinds of songs a few years before. But Lynch released and competed with these guys.

If you don’t find the bluesy and swingy lightly distorted guitar intro with the brass instruments addictive, you are either too elitist to allow horns or too wound up. Keith Olsen, also co-wrote and produced the track, so credit needs to be given.

If you leave me lonely
And you take away the things that I love

We fear loneliness. The older we get, the less we want to play the game of love. And when relationships go bad, people pick sides which makes you question their motives in the first place.

And it still sounds fresh today as it did back then.

If you see me coming’
Better run and find a place to hide

I wonder what kind of coming they meant. Is it the ‘I’m coming over” or the “here I come all over you”.

“Tangled In The Web” was in the charts, competing with Black Crowes, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Tom Cochrane and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.


2 thoughts on “Tangled In The Web

  1. I never bought this as once again another singer change and I just couldn’t handle it lol. My brother bought it though at the time as well he played guitar and well there’s Lynch doing what he does.

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