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Since September, 2019, the land has been burning.

The photo below shows the fires burning along the East Coast at a macro level as of this morning, 5 January, 2020.

When you zoom in, you will see Wollongong, one of Australia’s steel city is still okay. That’s home for me.

The Red means it’s out of control, the blue means wait for advice, the yellow means watch and act and the white means it’s not applicable anymore.

At the places that have burned, I have holidayed there. Just recently, I spent New Years Eve 2018 in Bateman’s Bay. The area is still without power and people are in evacuation centers.

I have friends who lost property in Talbingo.

And if you read any publication from “The Murdoch Family” it’s like the fires have never happened. Rupert and his editors are no different than any extremist terrorist organisation. The news outlets Murdoch controls spread lies for their financial gain. While the whole world reported about the fires in Australia, Murdoch’s newspaper in Australia didn’t think it was a big problem. Check out this Guardian article.

And our Prime Minister has shown how incompetent and unfit he is to lead this country.

But hey, he’s supported by Murdoch’s stooges at the news outlets and he can do nothing wrong. If people yell at him for his lack of leadership, the Murdoch newspaper reports he was assaulted.

If people refuse to shake the PM’s hand, the Murdoch newspaper reported he was disrespected by feral people. Those same people voted in his government and now when they question him, they are not people in his eyes that deserve an answer.

And to sum up our PM’s incompetence;

He has no real heartfelt connection with the people and he doesn’t know how to connect and communicate with his people.

For the election campaign last year, he spoke to the Australian people about their budgets and what the opposition party would do to those budgets if they won, so they voted him in when all the Polls said he had no chance. When our wallets are affected, we take notice and speaking at a macro level he’s okay with that.

But when a volunteer tells you he hasn’t eaten all day, instead of sitting down and having a meal with him at a micro level and talking about nothing, he walks away, leaves the volunteer to get on with it.

I guess all of the people on the street are ferals, Mr Prime Minister.


4 thoughts on “Fires

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  2. I don’t talk politics much but it seems you guys have quite the leader.
    A real leader would not only feed the man, he would feed all the volunteers and even roll up his sleeves and help.

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