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Master Of Scalpers

The Forbes article.

It’s a fucked up world when Metallica scalps it’s own tickets. 88,000 Metallica tickets went to a reseller before they were even offered to the fans/public.

And for one simple reason.

More profits.

They believe that the market value of a Metallica ticket is considerably higher than the selling value. Well if they believe the tickets are worth more, put up the price. People will either pay it or they won’t pay it. The Rolling Stones did that 5 or so years ago and guess what, a week before the shows, the tickets got dramatically reduced so the venue fills up.

Metallica is an organization today, however before it became one, its fan base was built on their fan centric connections, like tape trading and allowing fans to film their shows.

Would Metallica (the band) have known about the shady practice of scalping their own tickets?


The truth is, the act is always in control.

I’m sure the band will do a press release blaming Ticketmaster, but the truth is Ticketmaster does what Metallica wants.

From a band point of view, it’s a good thing that concert tickets are selling, but is it worth ripping your fans off when thousands of tickets are sold in the first minute to StubHub, which then put the tickets up at a higher price.

Wouldn’t you want your fans to have first dig at these tickets?

The again, once upon a time people liked to buy tickets 6 to 8 months in advance, but these days people also like to buy tickets a few weeks before the gig because life is unpredictable. It’s a big reason why StubHub has grown into a huge business.

The demand for tickets is insane. Just look at the numbers Metallica is doing in Europe.

And if Metallica is doing it, they are all doing it. The Gunners, Jovi, AC/DC and any touring act who has a rabid fan base.

Why should someone else get the profits when the band can?

And are the people who are buying the StubHub tickets real fans, the ones who will support the band through the hard times?

Other articles portray these people who pay top dollar at StubHub as people who have dollars to burn and they want to say they went to the show, take a selfie of being there and move on to the next band because it’s the cool thing to do. And they normally buy very close to the show.

For me, I haven’t been to a Metallica show since the St Anger tour. The prices then were excessive, and at that point in time I put it down to our Australian dollar being very weak compared to the US dollar.

And I watched a great energetic show but I still remember Lars not playing any of the double kick bits from the St Anger songs and Kirk being sloppy and very improv in his leads, which didn’t work for me.


9 thoughts on “Master Of Scalpers

  1. This does suck!
    Metallica man what a bunch of greedy asshats they have become!
    Really, you need to stroke your fanbase over 88,000 tickets!

    Too bad but as u point out they are all doing it. Bastards all of them!

    The last time I saw Metallica was on the coheadline tour with Gunners back in September of 1992!
    Metallica was a 5 piece band that night as Hetfield had burned his arm in Montreal and wasn’t playing guitar!
    They were excellent that night. Gunners not much so…

    • I saw Gunners on the Use Your Illusion tour as well and I thought pffft… while Slash and co delivered musically, the show started 2 hours late because Axl just wasn’t feeling it to start on time. Lol.. Skid Row on the other hand delivered big time.

      But for this scalping thing, there will always be someone with cash who will pay the stupid prices at StubHub even if they don’t like the band, purely as a status thing, like hey, I got front row tickets at a Metallica show or Jovi show or Maiden show.

      And the bands along with management will be like, well who is getting all those profits…
      how can we get a piece of this since they are making a shitload of cash from our name and work.

      • True and good points about the scalping angle.
        I caught Gunners 3 times on the Illusion Tour!
        Opening night at Alpine Valley with Skid Row May 1991
        February 92 -Minneapolis- Soundgarden opening.
        Sept 92 -the coheadline tour with Lars and friends!

      • They were excellent. This was about 2 weeks before Slave​ To The Grind was released and a 4 full months before the Illusion albums came out!

      • Speaking of Skid Row..
        I see em a bunch of times in a 3 year period!
        AUG 89- opening for Jovi
        Jan 90- opening for Aerosmith- Toronto
        March 90- opening for Aerosmith- Winnipeg
        May 91- opening for Gunners
        June 92- Headlined and played Thunder Bay!

        Look at those opening slots! Biggest tour of years and they were a part of em! How could u not succeed​!

      • Yep I totally agree with you. Would have been real keen to see what they would have done in the late nineties if they stayed together or if they got back together, if they would have had the same comeback crowds like Crue and Gunners.

      • That time has passed! They missed a total opportunity on that Guns reunion tour!
        Bolan and Snake love playing bowling alleys and parking lots!
        Get over it with Bach. Least Affuso said he will show up to a Bach show.
        Other guys are fruit cakes. Just being too stubborn

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