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Saying No

Everyone wants to be good, but how many are ready to make sacrifices to be great. Even before social media, a lot of people wanted to be liked so they tried to be nice. And being liked is different to being good which is different to being great.

I read an article on Warren Buffet a few days ago. Basically he states, the habit that separates successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.

Would that work in music when artists are tempted to say yes to everything and everyone wants to be liked, too scared to hold a point of view.

Label: Sign your rights away for life plus 70 years and we’ll give you a million dollars.

Artist: Yes please.

And the only way to be great is to build your experiences, learn from them and make mistakes.

Because somewhere in the back of your mind, you had a vision of what you want to be. Read the stories of your heroes and make your own judgements about how they used their experiences and mistakes to be who they are. Be critical in your reading.

Nothing is impossible.

Which is different to what they tell you at school. At school they tell you things and ask you to remember them. The better you can remember things, the better the marks you get and the better the qualifications you get.

And the people who can remember things get employed because of their past wins (qualifications) and not on their future desire to be somebody.

Because the people at school who had no interest in remembering things, had a greater desire and ambition to be somebody who will eventually overtake the qualified people.

To paraphrase Jen Sincero from “You Are A Badass”, you need to do things you’ve never done, to live a life you’ve never lived.

And remember you start with nothing and from that nothing, you find a way to make something.

So get to it.


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