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The Record Vault – Avalon

When I pulled the “Mystic Places” CD off the shelf, I couldn’t remember a track on it or even how it sounded. I don’t know why I purchased it nor do I remember what triggered the purchase.

And I just gave it a spin. And its Euro Metal mixed with a bit of progressive rock, like Queensryche/Marillion progressive rock.

“I’m Falling” is track two and it’s about a king, who doesn’t like to do the deeds that Kings need to do.


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“Through The Eye Of The End” reminds me of Marillion in the start and lyrically, its referencing “nuclear war” but by 1997, the Cold War was long gone, but in the minds and hearts of the people who lived through it, the fear of it still remained.

“Burning Down The House” has no similarities to the other song with the same title and lyrically it’s about a man on cold winter days who is caught in the red hot burning heat of fire and how isolation kills what friendship means.

If you are confused, I’m still confused.  

The instrumental “Isolation” reminded me of Queensryche and then when “Blind Dance” kicks in, I felt like I was listening to Malmsteen merged with Dream Theater.

Anyway, musically, the band had some chops, but lyrically and vocally, it was raw and I quickly moved on to something else.


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