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2018 Spotify Stats

I listened to 6,178 different songs and devoted 43,201 minutes to music on Spotify.

So to all the people who say music is finished, remember there are millions of people around the world with similar listening habits. But “we need stronger Copyright”, the RIAA would say.

I started the year listening to “Dream Evil” by Dio and Headstones became the first new band I checked out based on a review by Deke over at ThunderBay.

I spent 34 hours or 2,040 minutes with Machine Head.

My five top artists for 2018 are Machine Head, The Night Flight Orchestra, Def Leppard, The Butterfly Effect and Dee Snider.

As you can see there are no new artists in the list. It’s a lifers game. If you are in it for a quick buck, get into the stock market or deliver Pizzas.

My top five songs for 2018 based on listens are “Monolith” from Thirty Seconds To Mars, “A Love Unreal” from Black Label Society, “Final Conversation” from The Butterfly Effect, “The Peace” from WASP and “This Is War” from Audrey Horne.

Spotify tells me that I listen to non-mainstream artists 73% more than the average listener – so here’s to being different. I’m sure there are a lot of others who are exactly like me.

Here is my Top 100 playlist Spotify put together for me.


7 thoughts on “2018 Spotify Stats

      • Absolutely….My daughters I believe are getting me the Vinyl Box set for Xmas…
        I told them it was too much dough but they are still going to do it..
        I need the first three on vinyl…Hysteria I bought last year on vinyl so I will give Tbone that copy as he’s just starting out with vinyl…

      • Henrik says:

        Yes, it was much bigger than getting Metallica albums into Spotify. Their first 4 albums are pure gold. Sometimes I tend to forget how good the they were since day one. Thin and organic production aside, both On Through the Night and High ‘n’ Dry are true gems.

  1. Henrik says:

    Started 2018 listening to ‘Billy’ by Blue Murder.

    First discovered artist Robin McAuley (MSG). I’m constantly listening to his collaboration with Michael Schenker, i.e. McAuley Schenker Group. Cheesy, melodic by tasty thanks to his prefect voice and Michael’s skills and style.

    Spent 56 hours with Queensrÿche. In practice this means first 3 albums and occasionally Empire.

    Most popular artists, top-5: Queensrÿche, Judas Priest, Rush, U.D.O., The Night Flight Orchestra

    Most played songs, top-5: No surrender, Spectre, John Carpenter Powder Ballad, Evil Never Dies, Traitors Gate. Seems that I was quite much into Judas Priest, which somewhat surprises me.
    Tip: Fans of 1980s hard rock should check John Carpenter Powder Ballad. It’s the best track on the latest album by Turbonegro. Overall, the album is great deal of fun and perfect soundtrack for running, gym or other physical exercise. Simple and not so original (hard) rock but it works. Van Halen meets J.M. Jarre and lots of riffs from punk bands and AC/DC.

    I listen to non-mainstream artists 100 % more than the average Spotify listener. What? Judas Priest, Queensrÿche or Rush are not mainstream? In my books they are, but then again,none of my friends are listening to artists who are born after 1980 or who got their 1st hit in 2010s.

    Oldest album was Lost Woman – The Stereo Album by Yardbirds (1966) which I don’t recall att all. I’m not that old! Probably tried to track down some early influences by somebody, Blue Murder ot Van Halen probably.

  2. Nice start to the year with Blue Murder and the boy they called public enemy number one.
    Robin McAuley is a very good singer and it’s a shame he got lumped in with glam when he he had a lot more skill.
    For John Carpenter Powder Ballad, I have checked it out and saved it and added it to my playlists. It’s a good fun listen. Thanks for bringing Turbonegro into my life.

    Yeah, Spotify’s algorithms for what is classed as mainstream or not needs some tweaking because even though the album doesn’t have listens, the band is mainstream because their tours sell out.

    My oldest track was Banana Boat which I don’t recall playing so I’m assuming it’s my 7 year old.

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