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My Spotify Top Artist For 2018 is … Machine Head

Don’t let the bastards grind you down is the catch-cry from Machine Head this year. It pissed some people off and inspire others.

Apart from dropping a new album at the start of the year, Machine Head’s back catalogue features heavily in my life.

And Robb Flynn’s vocals are an acquired taste as he merges aggressive throat breaking barks to soaring melodic passages. It’s a voice built from his lifestyle. No one else can mimic it.

Thanks for the music and even though 2018 ends a bit uncertain for the band with two members leaving, I am sure Robb Flynn will go on and deliver a stellar Machine Head album.

The world is watching. New drummers and guitarists are waiting to join. It’s up to you.


5 thoughts on “My Spotify Top Artist For 2018 is … Machine Head

  1. Henrik says:

    Seems that I spent 56 hours listening to Queensrÿche (pre-Promise Land). Total 40486 minutes on Spotify.

    Most popular artists:
    Judas Priest
    The Night Flight Orchestra

      • Henrik says:

        Gonna see them in Feb on a metal cruise to Stockholm. Can’t wait to hear new material live.

        Most played on CD format in 2018 :
        Pink Floyd (Gilmour era)
        Roger Waters (latest)
        Van Halen (everything except Gary Cherone era)
        Fates Warning (the latest two & Parallels)
        Metallica (Master of Puppets remastered)

      • Great bands and eras.. From a guitar playing point of view there is a lot of EVH on III.

        Fates Warning, I’m glad to see In the list.

        Man I haven’t played a CD in a few years. But I have a lot on CD which is not on Spotify so I need to get back into the habit.

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