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Imagine Dragons – It’s Time and Demons

It’s Time and Demons are two songs that are just stuck in my head.  They are catchy as hell.  They have enough of the rock in them to get my attention and keep it. The vocals are unique enough to have me interested. This is why I love music.  A great song can come from left field.  The rookie that no one gives a chance, has come to play.  

Yes, I am a bit behind in hearing their music as some of the songs on the album are from 2010 EP releases, however good music will always come to the top.  It is the signal in the noise.  Once you find it, you latch on to it and ride it to the top.

The fans of the band have made this happen.  The actual album is still moving 30,000 units each week in the U.S., however that pales in comparison to the digital sales of It’s Time and Radioactive. Both songs are numbering in the millions for downloads.

YouTube lists Radioactive with 36,671,318 views and It’s Time with 30,431,235 views.  How come the RIAA isn’t complaining about piracy here.

Spotify lists Radioactive with 93,914,273 streams and It’s Time with 46,974,864 views.

The other songs are doing high numbers as well.  This is the key today, to keep people coming back, over and over again.  Imagine Dragons are doing that.  Spotify is proof of that.



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