Bon Jovi – What could they have done differently

What could have Bon Jovi done differently with the release of What About Now.

They need to know their audience. The audience are the ones that will spread the word. It is the audience that will spread the word via text, Facebook and tweets. Instead Bon Jovi focused on advertising spending stupid amounts to hit people that don’t really care about the band. Bon Jovi experienced his daughter OD’ing and his family lived through the Jersey wild weather, all before the release of the album. They still could have released the album, but how cool would it have been if Jovi released a song for free about how the storms destroyed his beloved Jersey. How real and true would it have been if he released a song, showing his pain at his daughters subsequent overdose. The songs didn’t have to be released as part of an album, they can be released as stand songs. They don’t need to chart (however I am sure that is what Jovi judges success on). Be real, be true to yourself. Don’t be a fake.

Once upon a time, Bon Jovi had an edge. Through all the years of success he has lost the edge, smoothing up all the surfaces like he is a big window skyscraper. To me that looks pretty damn uninteresting.

The fans know when their favourite musician is telling the truth. So why don’t they do that. The whole Richie Sambora leaving the tour is about smokescreens and dishonesty. Who are the band worried about alienating. The fans care, they want to know what is going one, so be honest with them.

Don’t Act Above Your Fans – Bon Jovi is the CEO of the band, he is part owner of this, has a stake in that, blah, blah, blah… Once upon a time Bon Jovi was just one of the people, one of the kids from the street who was a rebel and had rock n roll dreams. He achieved those dreams, and now he act’s above the people. All this does is inspire people to take swipes at him. If you have success, it means that you will always have haters. Accept it, don’t try to control it. Don’t try to be someone you are not.

Break all the rules, create a great 10 minute song, get a scriptwriter in and make a music video motion picture of another great song, create a concept album, have the movie to go with it, do a small club tour, paying homage to earlier releases like the first two Bon Jovi albums in their entirety. Stop thinking about the $$$$ at the end and start thinking about increasing the fan experience which in turn will bring more $$$$ than ever.


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