Bon Jovi’s What About Now drops from #34 to #50

Well its week 4.  As predicted, the worst ever Bon Jovi album has proven to be just that.  It’s moved 2,383 units for the week but the tour is selling out.  That alone should tell Bon Jovi that the music they put out, is completely garbage.  The fans coming to the shows have totally ignored it.  In most cases, i can see fans running to the toilet or to buy a drink when any new song appears in the set.

This album debuted at Number 1 four weeks ago.  It went to number 7.  It went to number 34.  Now it is at 50.

There are fans that are angry at the absence of Richie Sambora due to drinking and partying.  If i was Richie, i would be drinking as well, especially when in the lead up to the album release he was saying that it is the best thing Bon Jovi has ever created.  With a statement like that, i will be hitting the booze as well, as all street cred goes out the window.

Trust is more important these days than sales.  Bon Jovi is moderating its own forums so that they paint a rosy picture.  What are they trying to say to their fans?  We don’t care about your views?  We don’t want to connect with you?  We just want you to give us all of your money, like the one way street of old.  It’s different these days Jon.  It’s a two way street.  If you want to be relevant, you need to write great songs again and again and again.    You need to release them more frequently or just stop releasing new crap music and live of the legacy you created sort of like the Eagles.


2 thoughts on “Bon Jovi’s What About Now drops from #34 to #50

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