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A Small Amount of Too Much with Dream Theater, Bon Jovi and Metallica

“A small amount of too much spoils the whole thing.”

Ever had a feeling when you are at a gig, hearing the songs you like, enjoying the moment and then you just don’t want to hear anymore, you are looking at your watch, thinking that you should leave to go home. That is the quirky relationship between the rock n roll show and its fans. Depending on the band, sometimes 90 minutes is enough and 2 hours is too much.

I watched Dream Theater in Australia on the Systematic Chaos tour and they played for three hours (with an intermission of about 10 minutes in between). For some reason that was just perfect, however when I saw them again on the Black Clouds and Silver Linings Tour, they played just over 2 hours and it was too much. Put that down to the two things, hitting the same market too quickly and the flow of the set list.

The 2009 show took place almost 12 months since the 2008 show. Remember the quote, a small amount of too much spoils the whole thing. I remember them doing Solitary Shell with extended solos. It is not the strongest song in the Dream Theater catalogue, so what happens when you take a song that isn’t your best and make it longer? You get a yawn fest, a toilet break or a beer/smoke break.

Jon Bon Jovi has a big X on his name for treating Bon Jovi fans to a Kings of Suburbia beach party. A 2 hour show, where 1 hour was spent playing cover songs. Nice one. It’s obvious that Jon Bon Jovi didn’t get the memo. The fans want Richie Sambora back and they want him back now. Otherwise, change the name of the concert experience to Jon Bon Jovi and the Kings of Suburbia. Another point to note, a lot of the Bon Jovi memorabilia has the image of Jon Bon Jovi only. Sure, the band is called Bon Jovi, however as far as I am aware it still is a band. So where are the other members of the band on the memorabilia.

Richie Sambora was the person that Jon Bon Jovi could count on, regardless of what Jon says in the media. Richie was the one who was always there when Jon decided he wanted to be a rock star again. Richie always took a step back when Jon wanted to be a sitcom star or a movie star. Richie was the one that delivered a signature riff or a signature song, because the fact is Jon Bon Jovi cant.

FACT: it was Richie Sambora that wrote the majority of the music on Livin On A Prayer, and he was the one that went into bat for the song, when Jon wanted it off the album.

Go on YouTube and give Richie’s new song a listen. It’s called Come Back As Me. Who do you think Richie is referencing, when he sings, “What do you want me to say, I gave you everything I could give, but everything just wasn’t enough, so I just let live and live”. This is the kind of music an artist creates when they are not thinking about how many copies the song will sell. It is honest and heartfelt. Immediately, it makes a connection.

The song is a hundred times better than the songs that came out on What About Now. Since Richie only has five song writing credits on this album, you might as well call What About Now a Jon Bon Jovi solo album. Billy Falcon and John Shanks wrote the majority of the songs with Jon Bon Jovi.

Remember a small amount of too much spoils the whole thing.

Do we need a live album from Metallica of songs? They can call it a soundtrack or whatever they like. It’s still a live album. Remember that they released four DVD packages of Live Concerts during the Death Magnetic tour, as well as the Six Feet Down Under EP’s plus all the stuff they release on Live Metallica.

Do we need a Man Of Steel sequel that is going to include Batman? What a stupid decision. The thought of having Superman and Batman in the same movie is ridiculous to me. What the hell can Batman offer over Superman? Superman is the super man whereas Batman is just a bloke with gadgets.

Music, Stupidity, Treating Fans Like Shit

The Jon Bon Jovi (advertisted as Bon Jovi) and Kings of Suburbia Debacle


Check out the concert review and then check out the comments from the people that were in attendance on that same page and on the Live Nation website and on various Facebook posts. For those that don’t know this is where Bon Jovi brought out the Kings Of Suburbia, played cover songs mixed in with Bon Jovi songs and charged fans money like it was a Bon Jovi concert.

One fan said the following;

I have seen JBJ over 20 times. Never been let down. Last night was the absolute worst concert I have ever seen. Didn’t realize I was paying over 200 dollars for a COVER BAND! On top of that show was only 2 hours long. What an absolute joke and Phil X is not even good enough to hold Richie’s guitar case! Complete joke last night.

True fans are worth more than crappy news coverage from a reviewer that just wants to be liked. Jon Bon Jovi needs the fans to champion him, not a newspaper reviewer.

Jon , you let your fans down last night in Saratoga , New York at SPAC. We came to see you !!! We came to enjoy the band, your talent, the bands talent…. Instead we got 9 cover tunes???? A band that you brought with you that played more than you the main act!!!!! Sad when they were on stage more than you… Go look at Live Nation and the comments from last night’s show!!! You let a lot of your loyal fans down. But as you stated, hey this is a small place, let’s just make this a beach party??? Well some 26,000 loyal fans came to see you and your band.!!! We paid the same money as everyone else that has gone to your shows on tour…. YOU LET YOUR FANS DOWN Jon….. You let all of us down…… In the words of the band “The WHO” that you covered along with so many other songs…. I won’t get fooled again!!!!!

That’s the problem with Jon Bon Jovi today. He wants the fame and he wants the riches. He is forgetting the thing that got him there. That is writing great music and performing your music.

Disappointed. I paid to see Bon Jovi. If he had advertised it as “Jon Bon Jovi and the Kings of Suburbia” I would have expected the kind of show I saw. But I wanted to see Bon Jovi. While it was interesting to see something different, it is not what I paid for. Imaging paying for Maroon 5 and getting Adam Levine and a different band….playing cover songs all night. Jon, come back and do it right!

Don’t disrespect the fans. Be truthful. This is Jon Bon Jovi seeing if he can pull of a heist, just like Richie Sambora predicted. When is Jon Bon Jovi going to realise that the people are there to hear the songs. If you advertise this as a Bon Jovi show, that is what you need to deliver. As the fan mentioned above, if this was advertised as a Jon Bon Jovi and the Kings of Suburbia show, there would be no complaints as it was transparent, what the fans were buying tickets for.

I find it very interesting that they went back to a pure Bon Jovi set list at Darien Lake after the disaster of Saratoga. Especially given that they stated it was a 2-night thing and “not the new norm”. The experiment of Saratoga failed and we got screwed. Can I get my $250 back. I paid $500 for my family to attend, and the Bon Jovi band was on stage for half the show and some lounge act was on for the other half. A half refund seems fair.

The biggest slap in the face for every fan. Where the next venue gets a normal set list. This is Jon Bon Jovi saying to his 26,000 fans at the show, the crowd numbers is too small for a full Bon Jovi show. Next time it will be smaller.