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Memphis Three

If you want to know what society and politics is like, just look at the documentary “West Of Memphis”.

In it you will see incompetence and political corruption. The scary thing is, these kinds of things happen way too frequently in our life.

These kids story is just a drop in the ocean.

For those who don’t know it’s about three metal head kids (the Memphis Three) who were arrested for the murders of three 8-year old children. These metal head kids got convicted of murder and remained in prison for more than 18 years.

And what the hell is an Alford Plea?

I looked it up on Wikipedia. The Prosecutors knew they had to release them, but the only way they would do it is by an Alford Plea, so the Memphis Three claim their innocence but plead guilty. The tragedy is the killer still walks free and law enforcement can’t go after any other suspect because a piece of paper says they have the killers.


What kind of society is this?

Is all about votes?

There is nothing here that deals with justice. You can see that a person in power once upon a time came up with this “Alfords Plea” deal so they don’t look bad because of their incompetence in developing tunnel vision.

And the current prosecutor at the end of the doco is a joke. He’s saying those kids are guilty.  If they are guilty why didn’t he go to a re-trial then?

He knew he was going to lose the re-trial because the weight of new evidence found was in favour of the Memphis Three and he would lose votes and lose his position as City Prosecutor.

In the end the parents of the murdered kids never got justice because they never found out who the real killer was.

The metal head kids will never get their 18 years in prison back. And a killer/killers are still walking the streets, even though the film alludes to the step father of one of the murdered kids as being a suspect based on his past violence rap sheet, however he wasn’t even interviewed by police.

These injustices are only brought to the light by civil rights crusaders. The rest of society turns a blind eye to it all and gets on with their daily lives of work, live, die and in our spare time, we waste it away watching dystopian shows and movies to escape the political sham and corruption infecting our society and lives.

My Stories

Broadband Incompetence In Australia

I have never had an issue with the internet providers or the service of the internet. This even goes back to the days of dial-up. But I have never come across the bureaucratic red tape incompetence and laziness the way I have right now with the NBN rollout in Australia.

It all started back in May.

Westnet (otherwise known as iiNet) came out to install the NBN box in my house on 8 May 2017. The technician took a reading at the NBN box outside the house and said the reading was too high and that remediation works need to happen from NBNco. So a “Network Shortfall” fault was raised and I was told by Westnet that on June 19, 2017, the outstanding works would be completed by NBNCo.

On May 18 2017, Westnet disconnected my phone number and my ADSL internet. When I called on May 19 2017 to find out what is going on, I was told the NBN Porting department within Westnet stuffed up and that they ignored the remediation works notice on my account and still moved me over to NBN. I asked for my ADSL and phone number to be reinstated ASAP. I was told that cannot happen and that I need to wait to June 19 for NBN works to be carried out and then I will have NBN.

I asked to speak to a Westnet Manager. She called me back and told me the same. I was not offered any solutions as to how I can have ongoing internet while the NBN remediation works took place. With no option to have internet I went shopping around.

In the meantime, I purchased a Wireless device from Telstra for $100 that can have 5 devices connect to it and put a 25GB pre paid plan on it for $90. So already I am out-of-pocket for $190.

On 19 May 2017, I called Dodo for an NBN order. On 20 May 2017, I was told my NBN Order has been placed on hold and they will call me back with an update. After no updates or call back within 2 weeks I followed it up. On 2 June 2017, I called to check on my progress and I was told that NBNco have advised Dodo that the planned remediation date for my service is 6 June 2017.

I called Dodo on 6 June (after 5pm) as no NBN technician came out. I was told there is nothing on my account and Dodo is waiting for NBN to update the notes. They will call me back once that happened. No call back has been received.

On 14 June, I have called three times to check with Dodo the status of my NBN order. Every time I put in my phone number linked to my account, I get a message that states, this department is shut and to call back the next business day. But I am calling at 10am. When does their business day start?

All of the above could have been avoided if NBNco carried out works with a duty of care that all other professions need to abide by. NBNco is responsible for me being out-of-pocket $370 so far with the super expensive 4G Telstra pre-paid service. Basically every 10 days I need to recharge another $90. The negligence of NBNco is costing me money and putting my life and the life of my family back in the dark ages.

I finally got a chance to speak to someone from Dodo and cancelled the order with them. Now I am trying to get it going through Optus. Let’s see how that goes.