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Living In The Creativity Years – Otherwise You Will Be Here Today and Gone Tomorrow

So it has been almost 20 months since MegaUpload was shutdown. All of its servers and assets were also seized by the US Department of Justice on evidence provided to it by the MPAA.

So what did this shutdown prove? In the immortal words of Dark Helmet, “Absolutely Nothing”.

What the entertainment industries fail to understand is that we live in a global economy. I am not an expert on economics, however in order to compete in this global economy, people need to know how to operate computers and use certain pieces of software. It is expected. Piracy is the leveller between the “advanced” economies and the “developing” economies. Big deal, what does this have to do with music.

Sale of albums in South and Central American countries are normally low for metal bands, however, those bands play to tens of thousands of people when they tour there. How can that be if they have no sales in those areas? I always come back to the Iron Maiden “Flight 666: The Movie” that was filmed during the “Caught Somewhere Back In Time” tour. They played some places on this tour like Costa Rica and India where sales of Iron Maiden recorded music has been low, however they still got tens of thousands of people to attend the shows.

We live in a global pop culture world. This global pop culture spreads via the web.

Artists these days need to forget about the record deals and the hits. We are living in the era that is all about creativity. Artists need to be creating all the time and releasing all the time, otherwise they are here today and gone tomorrow. Metal bands have weathered the storm so far, as fans of these genre’s still tend to purchase albums, however the writing is on the wall. Go on Spotify and you will see the streaming counts of certain songs. Only the great songs get streamed over and over again. The rest, will be forgotten.


CD’s and other Facts

They still have those stupid FBI Anti Piracy Warnings. Do the labels and the FBI believe that these work or deter people.

They still have that stupid sticker on the top that takes forever to get off, even after it is wrapped in plastic.

Lyric booklets are almost no more.

I still buy em from independent self release artists like Digital Summer, One Less Reason, etc as a form of support.

Bands should take a leaf out of what Coheed and Cambria did with The Afterman releases and Stone Sour with the House of Gold and Bones. Take care of your fans.

For bands that listen to what their support team tells them, don’t. Listen to your fans. They are your bosses. Know your fans and connect with them.

Piracy is here to stay. Accept it, and use it to your advantage. If you are one of those bands that has their music with the large labels, speak up when the RIAA claims its a win for artists. The RIAA represents the labels, not the artists.

Don’t wait for the label to sign you and think that once that is done you will be a star. You need to work at it..