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Unto Stone We Are

Sort of Spoiler Alert….

Andor is one of the best shows I have seen on Disney Plus.

If you get to the last episode there is a section which I call “The Funeral Scene”. The music for it is written by Nicholas Britell and the song is called “Forming Up/Unto Stone We Are”.

And it’s always the music, the melodic soundscape to moving images that gets me to pay attention.

It starts with two separate marching bands at different ends of the alleys, just tuning their instruments and sort of jamming with themselves. Then the drummer starts the military like tempo and the most saddest of melodies is heard.

They start to walk towards the town centre and they eventually meet, and they are in time playing the song with each other. Director Tony Gilroy wanted this scene to be massive and he got the musicians to come in and learn the musical score so he could record it live instead of using the studio track.

This small attention to detail resonates.


6 thoughts on “Unto Stone We Are

  1. “… they are in time playing the song with each other.”
    That’s so cool.

    I like how raw the live sound is for emphasising mortal experience. It wouldn’t be the same if it were electronica or a refined orchestral performance. It bares the rebel spirit unifying but vulnerable, youthful, I think.

    Thanks for sharing, Peter. I lost track of the Star Wars franchise years ago but I used to enjoy A New Hope’s gatefold album and the Luke and Leah theme on cassette(Return of the Jedi) in ghetto blaster far away.
    Disney/Tony Gilroy … nice taste for a wide array of sounds on Andor’s soundtracking.

    • Star Wars is like rock music. It’s mainstream and then it’s not but it’s always there.

      The recent trilogy of movies for me have been terrible and the Solo movie was a waste of time. Like did we really need to see in images what Harrison Ford spoke about in the original movies like the Kessel Run, etc.

      But The Mandalorian, Andor and Obi Wan have recaptured my interest.

  2. I watched this series Pete. I’m so old school I have a hard time wrapping my head anything after the first three Star Wars movies lol. Something to watch more or less. I will add I’m impressed as you mentioned by tour small detail of something like the imagery and music and making a post out of it.

  3. I need to watch this as I haven’t yet. I started the first episode and was a little bored. Apparently, I have to get through the first couple episodes and it gets better. Is that a fair statement?

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