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The Record Vault: Def Leppard – Let’s Get Rocked (CD Single)

You hold on your hands the first single from our new album, ADRENALIZE. A simple little ditty, LET’S GET ROCKED just about sums up our feelings about life.

Also check out ONLY AFTER DARK, a Mick Robson song we’ve always liked. Mick’s been I’ll and this track is our acknowledgment of his microphone.

It sure feels good to be back. Play it LOUD!

I should have written about the CD single first if I was chronological with my posts on Def Leppard.

Well “Let’s Get Rocked” is part of pop culture at this point in time. It’s Chorus is massive and instantly recognizable in the same way “We Will Rock You” from Queen is.

Only After Dark

Their tribute to Mick Ronson.

If I had to pick between the original and the cover I would go for the original Ronson version. It just feels loose, raw and fun.

Def Leppard stays faithful to the original, so what we hear with the Def Lep version is an updated sound and Joe Elliot vocals.

Women – Live

Now this sounds massive.

Each snare hit and pulsing bass note is perfect.

And check out the Chorus riff with those extra pinch harmonics added. The beauty of playing live and feeding off the energy of the crowd.


13 thoughts on “The Record Vault: Def Leppard – Let’s Get Rocked (CD Single)

  1. It just amazes me how four years later, the band’s look had completely changed (well, their hairdos did). “Let’s Get It Rocked” is not nearly the best song on the album, but I can still get into it once in a while. It doesn’t have the same energy though with the current key band sings it in! I prefer the song in the original key.

  2. I never got into buying the singles much. I always bought the full releases and of course I would miss stuff but to me it was no biggie. lol There was so music to try and keep up on it got silly especially in those buying years where I really ramped it up from 1983-1992

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