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The Labels Are Not Happy With A Certain U.K Copyright Bill

Check out the article over at Music Business Worldwide.

And the labels are up in arms because this new Bill which would change the way artists get paid in the UK.

The bill proposes the payments to artists from streaming should bypass the label system entirely, and be paid to the performers directly via a collection society.

And the reason why the Government is proposing this bill is because of an enquiry they did.

The enquiry looked at the dollar value of streaming payments paid to the labels and then how much of those monies end up being paid to the artists. And it was found that the labels are to blame for the lack of payments to artists.

The labels hate it and are bringing out the big phrases like “recipe to disaster” and that the Bill would make the payments even smaller. And my favorite one is how the Bill would be a damaging step backwards for the UK music industry.

The Bill even cares for the DIY artists who don’t have a label. It’s well thought out and actually looks like a benefit to artists.

It’s no surprise that the labels are against the creators of music of being paid properly because that would change the power structure in negotiations.

The MP behind the Bill sees it very differently compared to the Labels.

“These reforms would lead to more new music, the revival of recording studios, a boost to the UK session music scene, the unearthing of a new generation of British talent, and Britain becoming once again a world-leading cultural hub for the recorded music industry.”

And it has other changes to copyright law; the main one being the right to revoke any Licence agreement after 20 years and reclaim their rights.

To put it simply, the creator or songwriter will be able to get their rights back after 20 years.

The labels would fight this “reclaim right” tooth and nail. They already are in the US, which has a copyright reclaim right after 35 years, claiming those works are “works for hire” which the labels commissioned.

I say bullshit to that claim from the labels but hey the lawyers and the courts love these kind of cases.

Anyway let’s see how this pans out.

The Bill needs to pass a few houses before it becomes law but it does look like the Brits are leading the way to give back some control back to the artists who actually create the content,


5 thoughts on “The Labels Are Not Happy With A Certain U.K Copyright Bill

  1. I’m shocked that the labels haven’t put out information specifically spelling out how this new bill would lower artist payments compared to the current system. I mean, the numbers should be right there …

    • Well the numbers are there.

      The UK government also has em because they commissioned the streaming companies to provide the numbers, then the labels, then the publishers and some artists. But I believe that they are not allowed to release the numbers as the labels went hard to ensure that if they were to comply.

      And the math didn’t make sense to anyone who knows math and they saw that the problem in this equation are the labels.

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