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Jay Jay French Podcast

The French Connection is a newer podcast from Twisted Sister founder and guitarist Jay Jay French.

In this episode he interviews Dee Snider.

Dee talks briefly about his litigation with Clive Palmer, the Australian businessman and wannabe politician who used the vocal melody of “We’re Not Gonna Take It” with some word changes for his political slogan “Australia’s Not Gonna Cop It”.

Years before, Dee had already sold his catalogue to Universal Publishing, so he wasn’t missing out on any unpaid royalty fee but felt compelled to stand for the message of the song and for any unlawful use of the song.

Anyway, the case is over and the Australian judge will take about 6 to 18 months to come up with a decision and then if the decision goes against Palmer, he will appeal it and the case restarts again.

Jay Jay talks about being business partners with Dee as well as being band members for 45 years.

They talk about touring and playing shows during the “Son of Sam” murders, even taunting the “Son of Sam” killer from the stage, by saying “if you come here motherfucker, well kick your arse”.

They talk about politics and the artist role within that environment especially these days.

Artists are faced with a decision to either avoid talking about it in case they alienate a percentage of their fanbase (which is at about 40%) or to take a stand.

The general rule is if you keep quiet, the unacceptable becomes the acceptable.

Snider believes that a large majority of Trump supporters are metal fans because of their blue collar background. He doesn’t have the statistics to back it up, but it’s a general viewpoint he has.

Regardless Twisted Sister and Dee Snider’s success is more international than North American.

These two dudes can talk and it’s a blast to listen to.

Check it out.


9 thoughts on “Jay Jay French Podcast

  1. I have listened to this one a few times. Quite good and that was thorough Brent Jensen who I think has had JJ on Brents podcast about 3 times if my memory is correct.

  2. Dee has always been an outspoken guy. He was doing a Stern-like show for a while with opinions that match those of what he tweets about. It just goes to show the reach that social media has.

    • As a fan of music I like it when artists take a stand on issues. I don’t stop being a fan because of it. It’s pretty shallow how “fans” stop being “fans” because they disagree with a viewpoint.

      Dee always has taken a stand on issues and sometimes to his and his bands detriment.

      • I imagine most of it is noise from people who never really were fans in the first place. I do understand it on some level though. There are a few artist that force me to hold my nose when buying their music. But I still buy it.

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