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2020 On Spotify

It’s no surprise that the decade I listened to most on Spotify was the 80s. And “Stormwind” from Europe is my most listened to track from that decade.

I also didn’t mind Podcasts this time around.

Bob Lefsetz had some great guests on his show that had some involvement in my favourite decade like Bob Rock, Bob Ezrin, Derek Schulman, Joe Bonamassa, Lawrence Lessig and Desmond Child.

There is a Tom Werman interview that just came a few days ago which I will be checking out because a lot of artists like Nikki Sixx and Dee Snider had their say on their time with Werman but Werman has remained quiet.

My top song for the year was “Moon Of Forever” from an Australian act called Free Spirits Rising. I didn’t know it but I played it 835 times.

Actually my top 5 listened songs on Spotify came from Free Spirits Rising.

I discovered 278 new genres this year

But the main ones are;

And I discovered 289 new artists.

These new 289 artists found their way into a list of 943 artists, I listened to throughout the year.

This is the problem that every artist right now is up against. Too much supply and the history of music at our fingertips.

When I was purchasing music heavily and listening to music at home, I would probably have less than 10 new artists come into my life and no more than 50 artists throughout the year that I would listen too.

The top 5 of these artists are made up of;


10 thoughts on “2020 On Spotify

  1. I really only use Spotify as a way to test stuff out that I’m thinking of buying. But somehow ZZ Top’s Alley Gator was my most listened to song. I don’t remember spinning to once, lol. Maybe my account is hacked.

  2. Cool stats Pete. I listen to Lefsetz as well. Bob recently did one with Bruce Allen (Adams and Buble’s manager) it was a great listen. Talks about managing bands from the 70s like BTO to Loverboy. Give it a listen.

  3. This list are cool. I don’t think Apple’s is a robust as that is what I use. Plus, I don’t think Apple tracks the ones I actually have downloaded in my library, only the ones I actually stream. But I had over 900 hours listened and Kiss was my most listened to…I wonder why? Could it be the Kiss Review Series (shameless plug)???

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