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The Record Vault – The Burning Season

I remember clearly purchasing“The Haze Of Infatuation” from a 3 for $10 bin. I had 8 CDs and I needed one more to make it 9. I don’t even remember the other 8 CDs in the list but I remember this one.

It’s strange how the memory works.

And I looked at the label who released the CD, the song titles and the cover. It was one of those purchases made based on the cover.

And I came home, played it first and it wasn’t for me. Even though I liked the lyrics, I didn’t like the screaming delivery. The music was heavy and to my liking, but the screaming just didn’t connect.

And this album was it. I don’t think they did another one.

P.S. My best song was the instrumental “Losing My Voice”. Maybe the title was an intentional dig at the singer.


4 thoughts on “The Record Vault – The Burning Season

  1. I can take a little screaming, but there better be some nice melodic pieces thrown in. I can’t get in to it if it is all screaming. Thanks for taking one for the team on this one.

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