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Cooking The Charts

“They bought 30,000 units with six credit cards. Six credit cards. Explain how you buy 30,000 with six credit cards”.

Don’t you just love a good rigging controversy.

From artists scalping their own tickets to promote higher prices on the secondary market so they get paid more to scalping and buying their own music to get to number one. The things that artists and their management/label teams do, to have a number 1.

This time around, Justin Beiber and Ariana Grande are accused of juicing the charts.

They are not artists I follow, but I am pretty sure artist who I do follow would be thinking, if they should do the same.

Sort of like the Lance Armstrong effect in cycling. All of the other teams knew that the Armstrong team was juicing and winning and not getting caught. From the few bio’s and interviews I have read, other cyclists contemplated doing the same. And then Armstrong got busted and it all went to hell for him. And lucky for the other cyclists, that they didn’t go down that path.

And we have a double standard here. It’s okay to drive a vehicle drunk, to commit manslaughter, to take drugs and overdose, to get into the fights, to urinate in public and what not, but when it comes to doing something shady around money and status, it’s not okay.

Somehow shady practices around money doesn’t sit well with our morals.

I watch a South Park episode last night and the school had an active shooter every single day. And Stanley’s mum was outraged and she wanted the people to be outraged but they thought she was going through menopause because to them school shootings are normal.

It’s become like that.

When you become desensitized to something, it becomes the new normal like summers which are way above normal temperatures with bushfires and smoke haze.

It’s the new normal.

Like rigging the charts has been around since the 70s and it never really went away.


6 thoughts on “Cooking The Charts

  1. Noel Monk’s book on VH talks about payola when Fair Warning was skidding down the tracks and those in the know offered up a ton of dough to get the album played on the radio .

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