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The Record Vault – Blindside

Blindside are from Sweden, forming in 1994. They released a few albums and the band P.O.D became their North American supporters, which led to an Elektra contract. The label placed them in the “post-hardcore” genre, which I think is a stupid term. To me they are just another rock band. And when their Elektra albums didn’t meet the commercial expectations of the label, they got dropped.

“The Great Depression” is the album straight after being dropped and because I was a fan of P.O.D, I decided I should check em out.

The title track is spoken like “In The Beginning” from Motley Crue, but that’s about all the similarities to Motley Crue.

“This Is A Heart Attack” has this reggae/funk groove in the verses with a chaotic Chorus. Its progressive in how the song comes together.

If you like “The Mars Volta” and “Coheed and Cambria” then you will like Blindside.

“Ask Me Now” rocks as hard as any Muse track, when Muse decides to rock hard. And the best song is “Fell In Love With The Game”.

But there wasn’t enough of those kind of songs to get me to commit further than this.


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