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No Way Out

Bullet For My Valentine (BFMV) started off as a normal metal band to me, but people and marketing teams need genre tags, so they got labeled with “Metalcore” or “EMO” act for “The Poison” released in 2007.

Sticking with genre labels, they went all “Thrash Metal” on their best album “Scream Aim Fire” in 2008 with the very Slayer sounding, “Waking The Demon” track and surprise, surprise, the very Journey sounding, “Hearts Burst Into Fire” and a great cover of Robert Tepper’s “No Easy Way Out” from the Rocky IV soundtrack.

For 2010’s “Fever” they adopted a more hard rock/metal approach, which they re-defined and commercialised a little bit more for “Temper Temper” in 2013.

Then in 2015, they combined elements of all their releases into a very good album called “Venom”. I have written about this album previously in one of my year in reviews series. They also released another album in 2018 called “Gravity”.

The thing is, acts like BFMV have melodic rock and hard rock influences, however fans of those styles never really give these bands a chance because they are labeled with a different style due to record label marketing.

To me, BFMV is a hard rock band at heart, with thrash and metal influences. And while their earlier stuff had some screaming, the majority of their new stuff is with clean vocals and massive rock choruses. On some occasions you get all three, the screaming, the clean and the melody. Like the track “No Way Out” from the “Venom” album.

And BFMV are also an important band when it comes to streaming who has metal, hard rock and thrash roots. Their numbers on Spotify and YouTube are massive.

“No Way Out” is relentless. A thrash-a-thon.

Looking out standing over the edge
Too numb to feel alive

Even though this song was written in 2015, the words are still relevant.

Every time I go to The Guardian to catch up on news, I am greeted with death. If the death toll goes down in one country, it increases in another.

Its numbing.

And our brains are designed to survive, so we read the news, we watch the news and process the threats. We are fragile creatures, only here for a short time. And our thoughts can make us do things that makes our time being alive even shorter.

Will life return to normal once COVID-19 is all over?

Will people still gather in larger groups?

A scientist on TV said, there might not be a cure or a vaccine for COVID-19, but a treatment, like how they do with HIV.

Its numbing.

Tell me why I feel like there’s no way out

The Chorus deals with the mental struggles of thinking there is no way out and today, we are looking for the peak of infections to fall or to flatten the curve.

And being patient is not part of our DNA.

We hate waiting for time to pass and we hate following rules but waiting it out by following rules is what we need to do.

This negativity
Is dominating and smothering me
I just can’t breathe

I can’t help but over analyse events, thinking that some of the people I deal with have ulterior motives, saying one thing to my face and saying something else behind my back.

The negativity is not productive and its torturous. This was heaps prominent when I was younger and as I got older, my care factor for these kinds of analysis went to ZERO. Other things are more important than putting thoughts in my head which don’t exist.

The guitar solo while brief is quality.

And it ends with the same thrash-a-thon riff that it began with.

And while the song ends with a sense of hopelessness, there is hope in life and there is a way out. This too shall pass.


2 thoughts on “No Way Out

  1. I don’t think I ever gave them their due because of the EMO tag, but it doesn’t sound like that is the case at all. Maybe I will check them out, plus if they do a cover of Tepper’s song, hell yeah! Love that track.

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