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Listening To Music At Work

I like to listen to music when I work. The article reckons that if you do work that needs a lot of mind processing and thinking, then the music shouldn’t be on.

But for me, any tune I find on Spotify or YouTube plays on my headphones, when I am doing work which needs concentration and I feel like I achieve what I want to achieve.

So does that mean that the work I do is seen as involved, or it’s not really that involved. Maybe I need a change of scenery from IT.

I tried meditation once with relaxing music and I feel asleep. I tried meditiation with loud aggressive music and came out of it with clarity. Funny that.

Even the Spotify algorithms have assessed my listening habits as high energy and one of Spotify’s marketing partners’ asked a question in one of their survey’s “how does it feel like to live life on TEN?”.

I answered that a data scientist’s version of a TEN via an algorithm they coded based on what they read in Wikipedia, is my version of relaxation and really it’s a ONE.

Because you have people who don’t know the emotions attached with hard rock music and the feelings it triggers, writing algorithms on what Wikipedia tells them.

And if you look at Wikipedia’s definition of hard rock and metal music it states; “hard rock is a form of loud and aggressive music.”

The article also states that people “have limited mental resources”, so I shouldn’t crank heavy metal music because it’s not really ideal as it overwhelms the brain.

High tempo, loud and abrasive music, can overstimulate and distract the brain and overwhelm our mental resources. So I suppose “Bang Your Head”, will not cut it , because metal health will make me crazy.


4 thoughts on “Listening To Music At Work

  1. I don’t have any issues concentrating with loud music on. I find it relaxing and it centers me. When I am agitated and driving home, the aggressive heavy music helps me get out me anger or aggression without taking it out on someone else. I even go to bed with hard rock on the speakers to help me ease in to sleep. I guess I’m not the norm.

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