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The Record Vault – Bon Jovi DVDs

I have been a bit slack on “The Record Vault” posts because I got stuck on my large catalogue of Bon Jovi releases ranging from cassettes, vinyl LP, 7-inch singles, CD’s, box sets and now finally DVD’s.

“Crossroad” got a special re-release, years later, like a mini box set. We got the normal “Crossroad” CD album, a second CD of “B sides and Rarities” which is always cool and a DVD of the band “Live In London”. The “Live In London” was on the “These Days” tour and the band as usual, is firing on all cylinders.

“The Crush Tour” DVD is a band in prime form. I’ve watched this so many times and the Czech fans are in fine form as well, giving the football stadium a bounce and a sing-a-long.

“The Inside Story” is one of those bootleg style releases to cash in on the Bon Jovi phenomenon. I don’t even remember much of it.

“This Left Feels Right – Live” is a great accompaniment to the CD release. I think Richie Sambora really came to the party on this album and enjoyed doing these acoustic re-interpretations of their songs, plus you get a couple of originals thrown in as well.

“Live At Madison Square Garden” was a massive eye opener for me, because the viewer got the chance to see how a band (which is now structured as a corporation) operates and works. JBJ as the CEO is trying to get a stake in an NFL team and working out logistics about shows and tours.

And a lot of bands have this kind of CEO set up now. Which is about time that the power returns to the artist, because it is the artist who makes the connection with the fan.

Not the record label.

The artist.


7 thoughts on “The Record Vault – Bon Jovi DVDs

  1. Wow Pete. Quite the collection. The only Jovi one I owned was on VHS and it was from the end of the Jersey Tour. It’s been so long that I don’t even remember it. lol
    It was a legit copy not a boot.

  2. I’ve got the Live In London on its own, Crush Tour and Madison Square Garden (which I love). I’ve also got that When We Were Beautiful doc that came with Circle (meh. Jon is such a boring twat) and I think there was a DVD with Have A Nice Day that has a great version of Raise Your Hands on it. Think that’s about it for me! I did have This Left Feels Right but I got rid of it cause it felt… shite. Great collection dude!

    • Thanks HMO.
      For TLFR DVD Im not a big fan of the re-interpretations but I am a fan of the concept to do a greatest hits collection where you redo and rearrange your best songs in an acoustic format which is different to just playing the same riffs in an acoustic format.

      • Yeah, I definitely thought they had the right idea. Just could not get into it at all. Although it’s been so long I honestly can’t remember much about it. I think they were just losing me then anyway.

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