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And The Cradle Will Rock

From the jet flanger in the intro, played on an electric piano, cranked through a Marshall, to the cruising vibe of the song and DLR freestyling over the verses, it makes this one of my favourite Van Halen songs. In addition, the purchase of this electric piano led to the “Jump” keyboard riff.

Well, they say it’s kinda frightening
How this younger generation swings
You know it’s more than just some new sensation

It’s like the movie “Footloose” before it was even written and made.

No one wanted to go to school.

We just wanted to hang out somewhere, listen to music, read about music, talk about music and do so many other things. Because going to school was like being in the military. It’s why “I Wanna Rock” resonated. The teachers demanded obedience and everyone was moulded to fit a box.

But that doesn’t work.

It’s been proven to not work. The military even stopped this kind of teaching in the early 70’s, but schools kept at it, up to the late 80’s. Kids need to have their beautiful uniqueness kept intact, it’s what makes em special.

And these days we tell our kids to enjoy school, as it should be the most stress free time of their lives. Unless they freak out over exams, which means, it’s not as stress free. But you know what I mean.

Teachers are also at a different level these days, being more enablers than disablers. But kids need to deal with social media and the good and bad which comes from it. So maybe not as stress free as it should be.

Which brings me back to the words of the mighty David Lee Roth which I quoted above.

Well, they say it’s kinda frightening
How this younger generation swings
You know it’s more than just some new sensation

The younger generation swings to technology more than music these days.

Once upon a time, having an album from an artist was like a badge of honour and now, the kind of phone you have is the new totem. Plus, the mainstream news outlets just don’t understand the youth of today. They worry about climate change and student debt and all the things that the current powers ignore, while they drain our Earth of its resources.

It was the youth that blew apart the record labels business model. They killed CD’s, adopted Napster early, then iTunes, then YouTube, then other streaming services. And the youth have short attention spans, moving from one thing to the next. The only thing they can do for a short time is binge Netflix.


17 thoughts on “And The Cradle Will Rock

  1. This album was a game changer in my world Pete. It’s just one big party rock album and when I discovered W&CF waaaaay back in early 81 I had never heard this kind of guitar or for that matter those Tarzan like vocals of Roth ever.
    Blew my mind…

      • I buy anything on vinyl that has something exclusive in the way of bonus tracks. There’s a lot of that. From there I try to avoid buying albums I already have on CD. It’s crazy how we used to complain about CD prices all through the 90s, but vinyl seems to be getting a free pass. When I was a kid a new CD was around $20, while records and tapes went for $10 each!

      • The prices are high for vinyl. Like you I am on the lookout for those rarities added to the album.
        most of my vinyl collection came in the 90s when the prices plummeted. In Australia new vinyl sells for $60 and second hand vinyl sells for $60. Lol.

  2. The new generation does swing differently. Has been so much fun watching my kids grow up and see all the differences from when I grew up. Totally different world. The only thing not different is that song totally kicks major a$$.

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