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Can’t Get Enough

It came out in 1990 on “In The Heart Of The Young”, the follow up to their mega successful debut. And the power of this track, the bass sound and the guitar riff is made for big speakers. Which people don’t have any more and those rigs have been replaced by headphones, some good and a lot of em are really bad.

This is Winger at its peak. I think its spelled “Can’t Get Enuff” on the album, but spelt properly on digital services.

After many years of doing their time with other projects and other artists, the band members Kip Winger, Reb Beach, Paul Taylor and Rod Morgenstein got together and recorded a brilliant debut with songs mainly written by Kip Winger.

But the follow up cemented them, with songs mainly written by Winger and Beach. The album was helped by the rock momentum from the early eighties, as rock still ruled MTV at the start of the 90’s. For the kids who have grown up with pop and hip hop as the dominating force, rock did dominate TV and radio stations once upon a time.

For me, it’s the vocal line and the sound of the voice which connects. It’s like a cross between Bryan Adams and Joe Elliot and I dig it.

Reb Beach on guitar decorates the song throughout with power chords, little fills here and there and triad chords. Underpinning it all, is the locked in bass and drums of Kip Winger and Rod Morgenstein, driving the song forward like a diesel train.

And a few years after this release, the rock landscape became confused, between 1993 to 2000. Lars Ulrich threw darts at Kip Winger during the making of the Black album and Beavis And Butthead built a cartoon comedy career from poking fun at Kip Winger and his nude spread.

The record labels abandoned rock music and went looking for Grunge artists (while their back catalogues of rock music kept selling), then the labels went looking for Industrial artists (while their back catalogues of rock music kept on selling), then Nu Metal artists (while their back catalogues of rock music kept on selling and selling) and then pop artists (while their back catalogues of rock music kept on selling and selling and selling).

Then came file trading/sharing.

I guess I just can’t get enough.


4 thoughts on “Can’t Get Enough

  1. I love Winger. I remember sitting in the basement with this cranked up just listening to all the songs over and over. Then Pull came out and I was completely blown away again.

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