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The Pirate Vault #3

Motley Crue – Raw Tracks/Painkillers

“Raw Tracks” is a Japanese release and “Painkillers” is a bootleg of a live recording and studio outtakes from the “Too Fast For Love” sessions.

It was the first time I heard “Stick To Your Guns”. I wasn’t a fan of the song overall, but the lyrics resonated, about sticking to your guns because what is right for you, ain’t right for everyone.

On the “Raw Tracks” tape side, I added the tracks from the 12 inch “Without You” single as well. No point in wasting the precious blank tape reel.

And it’s the first time I heard the term “Original Leathur Mix”, which meant I was on a quest to acquire this legendary self funded independent album.

King Diamond – The Eye/Conspiracy

I had a King Diamond spell because of guitarist Andy LaRocque.

When I heard his riffs and solos, it was at a time in my life circa 1990, which had a lot of the hard rock bands delivering stock standard bubblegum music, like Brinty Fox, Roxx Gang and Skin N Bones and LaRocque was very different.

He combined hard rock influences with this feel that I call Euro Rock. And King Diamond has a unique voice between Rob Halford/Pavarotti like falsetto highs and a low gravelly tone like Lenny.

And both albums are concept records.

Listen to “Eye Of The Witch” for it’s groove or “Sleepless Nights” for its technical riffs.

Twisted Sister – Under The Blade and King Diamond – Them

I needed some music for my Walkman and I remember dubbing these from my cousin Mega.

This is the Secret Records release of “Under The Blade” which has a mix I prefer over the Atlantic re-issue.

Kiss – Alive III

It’s my favourite Kiss live album. A casual pop friend picked it up on CD, told me about it and I was over there in a flash with a blank cassette to copy it.

And somehow I had room on side A, so I included a Jovi cut, so I don’t waste the tape reel.


4 thoughts on “The Pirate Vault #3

  1. Cool stuff. I bought KISS ALIVE 3 on double vinyl a year ago. I like it. It’s a leaner meaner KISS lineup for sure but I like the tracklisting and what not.
    Good ol Crue. They should get you to do there next compilation haha. You make it interesting.

    • I remember you posted the Kiss Alive 3 album recently and I commented saying something like how Alive 3 was my first live album experience from Kiss so the album is pretty good. Plus I enjoy the 80s stuff musically and Kulick plays his fingers off on those live tracks. Very underrated.

      For Crue, they always spoke about their vaults but we seem to get the same tracks released. I have a few more bootlegs to share.

      • Man you got a great memory!
        The Crue your bang on with that. They do not know how to reissue anyhitng. Which shows that they only had enough songs to cover each album and thats it.
        They should ask Coverdale on how to reissue!

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