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Is Heavy Metal music an extension of Freud’s philosophy?

Heavy Metal music was always described as primal and anarchistic and immoral and perverted and satanic and whatever else people could think off. The PMRC came out in protest against it, who saw it as the enemy to social order and social control. Like Freud’s observations, heavy metal lyrics are loaded with feelings of impulse and an “anything goes” attitude.

The “Satanic Panic” was then created by religious organisations to fill the bank accounts of the same religious organisations with millions of dollars in donations, because the deluded people thought that these various organisations would take up arms and fight against heavy metal. These institutions saw heavy metal poisoning their God endorsed truths with a differing viewpoint.

Sigmund Freud was probably the first ever metal head in attitude and lifestyle. And he was a master story teller, which is what Heavy Metal lyrics are all about. I learned about life from heavy metal lyrics and history.

Freud’s psychoanalysis theory explored the drives, wishes and fantasies that lurked in our subconscious, the same way, heavy metal lyrics in the early 80’s explored these topics.

Freud is seen as one of the main people to make a strong distinction between how things at first appear, and what might actually be going on under the surface. And people don’t like to hear or see their truths and morals questioned like religious authorities.

Love em or hate em, some of our favourite artists exhibited some interesting thoughts and ideas in their song lyrics.

  • Blackie Lawless saw himself as a beast that liked to fuck.
  • Dee Snider cornered people in an alley way and then became Captain Howdy, who he told everyone to stay away from.
  • Steve Harris became a prowler, walking the streets, looking for girls so pretty, which ended up taking him to Charlotte The Harlot on 22 Acacia Avenue.
  • Bon Scott became a night prowler.
  • Lemmy wrote a few songs about underage girls.
  • David Coverdale, well, he was into sliding it in, slow and easy to the female species.
  • Nikki Sixx kept his rebellion going until he was found in a trash can in London, and then kept on going until his heart was kick started.
  • Don Dokken was into young uns.
  • Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King wanted to dismember and maim.
  • Dave Mustaine questioned society and politics and at times sang songs about assassinating world leaders.
  • Geoff Tate and Chris DeGarmo also put religion, society and the relationship between politicians, corporations and the media into the spotlight.
  • Jon Bon Jovi just wanted to write feel good hits about small town people, trying to make it big in a lonely world. Wait, wasn’t that Steve Perry. Wait, wasn’t that Bruce Springsteen.
  • John Sykes became Billy, shooting his way out of town.
  • Ice T went to town on police brutality against people of colour in “Cop Killer”.
  • Freddie Mercury put a gun to a man’s head and pulled the trigger.
  • David Bowie was known to be into underage girls.
  • Even Elvis Presley, according to today’s norms had an improper relationship with an underage girl which would go on to become his wife.
  • So many artists had the hots for their best friends partners, like Eric Clapton and Rick Springfield.

And I haven’t even gone into the death metal and black metal styles and their lyrics.

Freud would have loved this era.


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