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The Shits

My wife and I do some cleaning on the side. One of the jobs we do is at a building which has a plumbing problem. In other words, when the pipes get blocked up, the overflow is in the area that holds the bins for the rubbish we need to throw.

In case you are not sure what I’m saying, when the pipes get blocked up, all of the urine and shit and paper, spill out into the storage area for the bins.


So imagine our surprise when we open the door to the bin storage area and see the floor all contaminated with shit.

So we alerted the owners of the building about this. As far as we know, they read our texts and see the photos, but we get no reply. We turn up the following day and someone had cleaned it. We just assumed it was a plumber. Maybe the owners are thinking why we don’t clean it, since we are cleaners.

As I said to them once, “we don’t clean shit and piss”.

Then our client, the one we service who also rents a lot of floor space in the building, came across this situation a few days later. So they spoke to the owners and the owners (a husband and wife team), blamed the cleaners for putting paper in the overflow.

Yep that makes perfect sense. We turn up to clean only to sabotage and make a mess.

What the fuck?

Manipulative arseholes.

The fact that their building is dodgy, made with so many faults and leaks, well they blame the cleaner.

The fact that every time it rains heavy and the sewage overflows is now also caused by the cleaners.

The fact that the building has a moisture problem is also blamed on the cleaner.

And Five Finger Death Punch comes to mind. Hell, I thought of even doing the move that Uma pulled in “Kill Bill”.

“You’re a fake mother fucker, I hate you mother fucker, such a fucking waste of my time.”

Yep, waste is what these people are.


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