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The Live Show

For some, it’s a place people go to have a good time.

For some, it’s a place people go to say that they went, take a selfie and post it online, especially for the bigger bands.

For some, it’s a place people go to hear the studio songs replicated exactly as the studio recordings.

For me, I go to the live show to hear the songs with a touch of something different, like an extended solo or longer intro or crowd sing along and what not.

If I want the music perfect, I will listen to the studio recordings.

And I think it’s a forgotten art form, how to make a song last a little bit longer especially if the energy is there.

Kiss tries to replicate the recording in a live setting.

Motley Crue from the shows I’ve seen, just try to play the album songs, while Bon Jovi likes having an extended outro solo here and there in some of the songs, plus a medley of different songs.

Bruce Springsteen jams out his songs and Black Crowes just jam the whole night. The Black Crowes is still one of the best concerts I’ve seen. Dee Snider has the mid song banter down pat.

Bands like Maiden and Metallica really don’t have room to jam as their songs are written in such a way that fans know what part is next and they anticipate it and are ready to chant along with it. So they make it special via the stage show.

And as we evolve, the reasons why we go to the live show will change again. And the price of tickets will play a big part in it.


3 thoughts on “The Live Show

  1. Henrik says:

    I was just doing some treadmill training boosted by Dio live 1987 Donington. They really emphasize the term medley, though sometimes I would just love to hear ‘Heaven and Hell’ in its glorious entirety. W.A.S.P. (Blackie) is also a fan of well crafted medley comprising of their early hits.

    BTW, Mötley Crüe farewell gig was one of the biggest disappointment ever. Lame ass performance, run of the mill stage prop (apart from that Tommy’s roller coaster drum gimmick) and pretty much nothing to remember in decades to come. Me and my mate left in the middle of show…

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