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Spotify Family Mix

The Family Mix playlist from Spotify has really opened my eyes as to how kids consume music.

For those that don’t know, Family Mix is a playlist that combines music that a family (in our case, my wife, kids and I) listen to on our Premium family account.

For example, the song “Youngblood” came up from 5 Seconds Of Summer on the playlist, because my eldest (14 years old) listened to it. But, he hasn’t listened to it in the last six months, but before that he did listen to it a lot. And it’s the only song he listened to from that artist.

So is my son a fan or has he moved on to other songs/artists?

When I asked him, he said if they (5SoS) release another good song he will probably check it out. Basically my children are “fans of songs, not artists.”

So while the streaming stats might look great for 5 Seconds Of Summer, and their monthly listeners (worldwide) are high, how many of those listeners would go on and watch the band live?

How many are really fans of the band or just a fan of the song?

I am a fan of the song “It’s Time” but I’m not an Imagine Dragons fan by no means as the other songs don’t connect with me. But “It’s Time” did.

I suppose it’s the same old argument from the sale model.

How many people who purchased an album listened to it once and how many people who purchased an album listened to it thousands of times?

I guess, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

In streaming’s case, how many people come back to the streaming account of the artist and listen to their tracks over and over and over again, year on year. As these people are the real fans, the super fans, the ones who will buy those super deluxe packages and what not.

Because Spotify does have an Artist Dashboard, which does offer great numbers on what songs are being listened to, where and by what demographic.

But it doesn’t say which cities and demographic constantly come back to the artist account/songs and on which song.


5 thoughts on “Spotify Family Mix

  1. My three daughters are that way. Fans of songs, not artists for the most part. Growing up Pete we were fans of the artist, not songs unless you were to buy 45’s back then and not full albums. haha
    Was never much of a buyer of 45’s BUT I did buy one a few weeks back which I will be posting in a few weeks as I was on the hunt for an unleased album track that was a flip side to a single from oh say 33 years ago! haha
    Great post!

      • 86 was indeed a good year! The two 45’s that I bought that come to mind are Def Leppards Hysteria 45 I beleieve that was the track as it came with all the lyrics so I bought it back in 88.
        In 82 VH released Pretty Woman as a 45 a month before the album came out. I still being baffled when I flipped it over and the b side was ‘Happy Trails’ haha.
        It was a WTF moment if there ever was one! haha

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